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Will the boredom ever cease? April 5, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in General.

Asalaamu Alaikum,

In sha Allah you are all well.

Well as expected I did zero work in the holidays, absolutely none what so ever. The thing is I really can’t be bothered any more. What is the point! (Ok there is a point, but I can’t be bothered) Surely there must be something more productive to do then slave away for years in education, to get a job to.. well slave away some more!

I’m just really bored at the moment, with everything! And that’s the problem. I used to be so passionate about stuff, and now I think ahhh what’s the point. I remember I was always up for a good argument with anyone who dared disagree with me about politics or something. Now I’m just passive, I’m done arguing and trying to make people understand right from wrong (Looks like I still have my arrogance aye!) I’m kinda sick of everything at the moment, I need something new to do, a holiday, an adventure.. something!

Ahh well for now I just gotta stick to it I guess.

Take care all

Wasalaam and bye.


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