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Who needs the sound of music April 8, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in Audio and Media, General.

Asalaamu Alaikum

In sha Allah you are all well.

Who needs the sound of music, when you got the Quran recitation! I have to say, there is nothing better than listening to Quran recitation by one of my favorite recitors- Ibrahiem Al Jibreen! MashaAllah he has a beautiful voice!

During the past few weeks I have really experienced one of the amazing miracles of Allah SWT. Just reading the translation of the Quran leaves me totally amazed and in awe. Whilst listening to it, leaves tear running down my eyes, out of love for my Lord. I can’t thank Allah SWT enough for making me a Muslim.

Another reason why I am happy today is because I finally completed my mission (gotta make it sound exciting) Islam channel- the Islamic channel launched on sky some time back, have this Quran Recitaion programme. They have the most beautiful recitor ever. When I first heard it I was like W O W. Absolutely amazing! Since then I had been trying to find out who the guy was! I searched high and low, I emailed the channel -no reply, I searched the net, everywhere but couldn’t find his name. But finally I have not only found his name, I found a website that I can download his translation. In sha Allah in the next few days I will put it up for y’all to listen. And for those who wanna download his stuff, his name is Tawfeeq As-Sayegh and you can download his recitation at: http://www.al-qaria.net/index.php – go to downloads section (you may need to register)

Hope you enjoy listening, take care

Wasalaam and bye



1. Abdul Rehman - April 10, 2005

Missions huh? So many missions these days aye!

The biggest mission is to continue striving for Allah and staying with the Quraan and Sunnah. Summers almost here, it’s going to be tough!

I also love Ibrahiem Al Jibreen. I heard him for the first time on this sisters blog, since then I’ve gone mad about him! Check out Sheikh Saad al-Ghamdi too, simple but emotional.

And who needs music? Sami Yusuf. It’s silly how he combines the prophets name and music in the same moment. Ooops, I’m backbiting! Tut.

I better post this now, or else I’ll end up swearing!

Asalamu Alaikum

2. OutLaw - April 12, 2005


I never heard Al Ghamdi, In sha Allah i’ll check him out.

Sami Yusuf- am not into enlgish ‘nasheeds’ at all, tho there are a few that are ok-ish

BTW- is it just me or is all the text on my blog getting smaller each day? >_

3. Abdul Rehman - April 12, 2005

Oh no, your becoming paranoid too!

I was feeling like this a few weeks back and did some serious changes to mines, only to find out it’s nothing! lolz

It’s ok, trust me.

4. OutLaw - April 16, 2005

Hehe.. turned out to be nothing, just the veiw settings on my computer had been changed!

5. Haffee - May 3, 2005

Ahh tawfiiq asaiegh… i love his recitation…

6. Umm HAY - April 9, 2007

Assalaamu Alaykum,

I just read this. I know it’s an old post! But Masha Allah. Shaykh Tawfeeq is the Imam of a mosque pretty local to me (Jeddah)!!! Very nice to go there for Taraweeh. Masha Allah.

It’s so true! Who needs music!

BTW have you seen Al Afasy TV? Shaykh Mishari’s channel?

7. Muhajirah - April 10, 2007

wa alaikumusalaam

wow really? that is sooo cool. Masha’Allah his recitation is so beautiful. When i first heard it i was blown away. tarawih @ that masjid must be unreal =D

I have seen a couple of clips from al afasy tv from youtube. he too is a nice recitor…

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