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Arab-beee? April 24, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in General.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
In sha Allah you are all well.

Well as usual it is me who runs all the errands (ok no one else was at home for my mum to ask, but that’s beside the point) Anyway, my mum called me down to go to the local grocery shop to get a few stuff. So i stick on my jilbaab, hijaab and start walking up the street. It’s a pretty nice day (man it’s a very nice day), wanted to walk nice and slowly but my mum told me to hurry up. Anyway so i get to the shop and head straight for the tomatoes- first thing on the shopping list. So there i am minding my own business, looking for some decent tomatoes (was talking my time but who cares) and this old geeza that works at the shop goes to me… well actually i don’t know what he said to be honest, i think she was speaking Pashto, or Farsi or whatever Afghani’s speak- i think he was afghani anyways. I didn’t have a clue what he said so i was like, what do i do, ignore him, pretend i didn’t hear him or just nod and smile. I decided to ignore him and pretend to be deeply engrossed in tomato picking. So he goes ‘ Arab-beeee’ – it took me a while to get what he was saying. When i finally figured it out was like no, trying my best not to laugh. (Man me an Arab LOL!) Then a few minutes later he goes ‘Ahhh Pakis- staaah- ni’ I was like yeh and walked off, as fast as i could- the crappy tomatoes would have to do!

Waslaam and bye



1. Abdul Rehman - April 24, 2005

It’s funny how I always get mistaken for a Pakistani. I don’t mind actually.

Do you have hills at your place? We normally walk ‘down’ the street. :)

2. OutLaw - April 27, 2005

Nah i don’t mind being mistaken for an Arab either (not that it happens all the time :D)

Hills? Iye we do, alotta hils i say! >_

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