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Tajweed Rules! May 21, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Islam, Tajweed.

Asalaamu Alaikum

Tajweed of the Quran is the study of getting the correct pronunciation when reciting it so that the meaning comes out as intended by Quran.

One of my aims in life is to learn Tajweed and memorize the Quran. Even though I haven’t really made any real efforts to accomplish my aim, InshaAllah one day!

A while back I got a colour coded Tajweed Quran. I have to say it is really good (though I have a lot of difficulty understanding it). It highlights all the places where you have to apply certain rules, such as nasal sounds, elongations of the letters etc. I have read the meaning of each rule and well to be totally honest I don’t really understand them all. So far I only understand the red (pronouncing certain letters that have a sukun on them with a jerking sound) Its quite difficult to apply each rule, I find my self turning back to the definitions page each time I encounter a word that needs a rule applied.

I always used to say, I’ma learn Tajweed one day InshaAllah, but I never realised how accurate you have to be. I used to listen to Quran recitation to try and better my pronunciation but it’s only when you know that there’s a rule that applies here that you realise it when you’re listening to the recitation.

So far my quest to learn Tajweed is not going to well. Just getting a colour coded Quran is not enough. I have two main problems:

1) I have no teacher, to teach me the rules and listen to my pronunciation. I need to find a place that teaches Tajweed, but I haven’t been successful so far. Saying that, I haven’t made much of an effort looking. I can’t just say I need to find a place that teaches Tajweed and then not look for one.

2) College and other stuff have got in the way of me learning properly. I haven’t really looked at the Quran for a long time. I try to read the translation everyday, but I haven’t read the Arabic for a long, long time. One of the problems is that now that I have a colour coded Quran, when I am reading it I feel so bad, because I know that I am reading wrong. It just puts me of all together. Plus exams coming up means I have been really tied up with college work and revision

InshaAllah one of my plans for summer is to take active steps to find a place that runs Tajweed classes. Until then, I need to start making more of an effort, download some simple, clear recitation that I can follow and not shy of from reading the Quran – face my fears basically!


1. Abdul Rehman - May 21, 2005

The one who cannot but tries to read it correctly, will be rewarded better than the one who recites it correctly.

But yeah, those colour coded Quraan’s are ace!

2. OutLaw - May 22, 2005


Yes, I have read a hadith along those lines.

Here it is…

He who recites the Quran fluently will be in the company of the noble and virtuous; and he who recites the Quran haltingly and with difficulty will have a double reward.
[Bukhari and Muslim]


3. Ameera - March 12, 2007


I just came upon your blog and noticed this post. Really, I know exactly what you’re thinking because I’ve been learning Tajweed too – at least trying to – at a weekly Quran class conducted by Al-Huda. I listen to the tilawah of the Quran too, to pick up the correct Makharij, but really, unless you actually know the rule, it’s not going to be 100% successful.

One thing is for sure though – Tilawah could never be perfect without Tajweed. It’s like Tajweed opens up the heart to the Quran, even if you don’t understand the exact translation of what you’re reading/listening to.

I hope you master Tajweed, InshAllah!

4. Muhajirah - March 13, 2007

wa alaikumusalaam

“I listen to the tilawah of the Quran too, to pick up the correct Makharij, but really, unless you actually know the rule, it’s not going to be 100% successful.”

Yeh same here, i listen to qur’an and it helps a lot but its quite difficult unless u know what ur listening out for. Eg, before when i had no idea about the rules of tajweed, i didnt really pick up on qalqala, ghunna etc when i listened to recitations.

Jazaak Allah khaire for ur comment =)

5. akhtar - March 28, 2007


I wanted to know how you can learn the rules because there is so much to learn and theres other rules we must know. I wouls relly appreciate some advice from someone who has experienced the same difficulty as me.

6. Muhajirah - March 29, 2007

Wa ‘alaikum as salaam

Firstly i would say try and find yourself a teacher who can teach you the rules of tajweed. It is really something that you need someone to teach to you…

If you want to learn the rules yourself than i suggest buying a book on tajweed. I cant name any right now, but i have seen some so there are definately some out there.

Also visit this site: http://fromkarachi.wordpress.com/tag/tajweed/

Mash’Allah it is very good. It had a couple of posts on the rules of isti’adha, basmala, qalqala and madd. Insha’Allah the owner will update soon.

And lastly i would say buy urself a tajweed mushaf and also listen to qur’an recitations. Actually dont just listen to it, but open up ur mushaf and follow the recitations. I suggest listening to Muhammad Siddique al Menshawe. You can download his recitation at http://www.islamway.com

May Allah make it easy for you

7. Umm HAY - April 8, 2007

It was so refreshing to read your post Masha Allah. Tajweed is a science and the most beautiful one at that. May Allah make it easy for you to master it and in the meantime bless you with double reward. I have been meaning to try and get some teachers linked with people who want to learn. I will try and do this insha Allah. There is also another site that’s really good: http://www.abouttajweed.com Shaykh Minshawi and Shaykh Abdullah Basfar are the best to listen to to perfect Tajweed. Be careful when listening to other reciters as they don’t all follow the rules of Tajweed and you may pick up their mistakes.

8. Muhajirah - April 8, 2007

as salaamu ‘alaikum

Jazaak Allah khaire for your kind words.

Menshawe is one of my favourite recitors, so simple and clear. Iv not listened to Abdullah Basfar before, insha’Allah i will check him out.

btw ur blog is top =) some really good stuff, may Allah grant u success in ur studies

9. Umm HAY - April 9, 2007

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Jazaakillahu khayra! I’ve enjoyed your blog very much too! Masha Allah. May Allah grant you success at uni and with your quest for learning the Book of Allah and the most pure and most beautilful language.

10. Muhajirah - April 10, 2007

wa alaikumusalaam

ameen wa iyaak

11. sheepoo - April 11, 2007

Here is a useful link for Quran reading:


I hope this helps!

12. Muhajirah - April 13, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

jazaak Allah khaire for the link, i’ll check it out insha’Allah

13. suhaa - April 30, 2007

asalaam alaikum warahmat Allah wabarakatu:
i was googling to find rec’s of those who to listen too in order to learn tajweed and came upon this blog. mashaAllah, sister..may Allah help you master this skill. i have recently become in the process of learning it myself and there is soooooooooo much and i sometimes get overwhelmed with it all too. but i am reminded that learning, gaining knowledge in Islam in general is a lifelong process and inshaAllah so long as our intention is to please Allah then inshaAllah He will reward us (Ameen). we should try to balance our feelings of hope that we can do it with His Guideance and fear that if we don’t even try then we will be in big trouble! (la’qadar Allah)..and we should try to have this taqwa in our hearts. may Allah guide you and guide us all to what pleases Him the Most.

Also, there is a site that my children and i use all the time: http://www.quranicsciences.com which i have posted on my current post. it’s excellent mashaAllah and breaks up even the sounds of ayat (not just surahs) of many surahs while highlighting the part so if you’re arabic reading in general is poor, like mine is, it will help you actually read it..it gives you a choice of who to listen too as well like Minshawi, and Huthaifi..others too. also teaches you the rules of tajweed..although can be confusing if you are a beginner (like me!!).

may Allah facilitate ease for you ukhti..

14. Muhajirah - April 30, 2007

wa alaikumusalaam

jazaak Allah khaire for the link, i have been on that site before, masha’Allah its very good!

thank you for ur encouragement sister and ur dua’s =)

15. H - July 16, 2007
16. Muhajirah - July 18, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

nice one, that blog is very useful

jazaak Allah khaire

17. Abu Abdul-karim - July 24, 2007
18. khaled - September 24, 2007

it is tajweedpodcast.libsyn.com

19. khaled - September 24, 2007

I have just unloaded recently more episodes
check it out

we are up to episode 29 in tajweed rules

and more on practices and Qiraat as well as the collection of the Quran

20. talha - December 9, 2007

what is Hurufee muqattat and it’s letters

21. Muhajirah - December 9, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

Huroof al Muqata’a are the letters that appear before some of the surahs. Eg, in Surah Baqarah- Alif, Laam, Meem

For more info on huroof al Muqata’a listen to this

22. Hussein - December 21, 2007


My tajweed is not that bad. But there is soo much rules to learn, My teacher went back to egypt is don’t have a teacher but looking for one now.

23. asqfish - January 1, 2008

One way of learning tajweed, if you do not have anyone locally is to find someone and do it by phone, i.e. you read and the teacher corrects you. Tajweed is best learned via a teacher, so find one and use the current electronic communicating techniques so that the teacher can hear you and correct you! It works!
Jazaaik Allah khairan! May Allah make you successful!

24. Your sister in Islam - March 22, 2008

Asalum Alaikum sister,
first of all i would like to say that i admire your courage and determination. As the others have mentioned above, Allah will reward you for your efforts especially if it is hard for you, Inshallah. I am taking tajweed, and i hear ya! It is hard to notice where you should apply certain rules. The best way i have found to study is to have a friend hold a colored quran, your read out of a regular one. Try to apply one or two rules, and have them stop you when you miss them. It is hard to learn with the colored qurans without being too dependent on them.
My best advice for you is to find a class in an islamic university (if there is one in your area). Alhamdulillah there is one in Minnesota, and they offer tajweed courses. Otherwise, i would go to local masjids and ask if they have courses. If they don’t talk to the sisters who go to the masjid, and see if they would be willing to make a tajweed halaqa or teach you.

Tajweed is something that is learned best with other people, it’s hard to teach yourself, so definately try to find someone to help & listen to you.

I wish you success, and may Allah make it easier for you & reward you in this life and in the hereafter.

Salamu Alaikum

25. heaven - September 22, 2008

assalam o alaikum wr wb
can u tell me any link of tajweed book written in urdu
i will be thanks

26. heaven - September 22, 2008

can anyone of you who reading can tell me

27. Attaria - October 29, 2008

Assalamualeikum wr wb

If you are a female, then you have good opportunity to learn tajweed in paltalk room. If interested please let me know I will give you all the information how to get there but only condition is that you should be islamic sister because the teachers and students are in the room are only Sisters and we need to follow the sharia rule.

28. dimple-smile - November 30, 2008

salam sister i am a female and wana join sister tajweed classes…plz tell me the imformation that how to get there ….plzz reply me soon

29. heaven - December 3, 2008

salam sister i wana join sister tajweed class plz help me out i will be thankfull to u: )

30. Anwer Ali Khan Lodhi - December 31, 2008

Assalam-o-Alaikum! i am pleased to tell you that you can fulfill your lust of Tajweed Learning, for that please visit http://www.familyquranonline.com, i hope you will have better opportunity to learn. May Allah help you in you righteous cause. Thanks.

31. www.homequran.com - May 27, 2009


This site has vast amount of quran, dua’s and hadith’s for you. They teach online from home and have very good teachers both males and females. I have visited it and found it very intresting. I think u should also try it

32. sum - January 13, 2010

Learn Tajweed with Yasir Qadhi-The Noble Emissaries (As-Safara Al-Keram)

33. Aliya Ansari - May 23, 2010

God Is Great .Surely HE’ll help all of us to learn the Holy book iN THE RIGHT WAY,ONE DAY Inshallah…………………

Sis. umHuzaifah. - September 23, 2010

Assalamu alaikum, I am one of the admins for http://www.quranicsciences.com we have an online facility for brothers and sisters who have no way of going to a teachers. Nothing replaces a teacher sitting in front of you and correcting you, but if it is not possible then we have to use the best resources available.

If any of you sisters are interested you can contact me through the email and and talk to me. We can arrange for the online classes. You can record the lesson which we tell you and submit it in your time and we will review and send you the comments and that is how it continues, Right now I have 4 sisters who are doing it Alhamdulillah.

I wanted to correct the hadith that is written in the beginning of this blog. The hadith goes something to the effect:

A person who reads the Qur’aan fluently following all the rules will be in the company of Angels who are Scribes and a person who has difficulty in reciting properly but does not ive up and keeps pursing and trying will get 2 rewards, 1 for reciting with difficulty and 1 for trying and not giving up.

People get mixed up when reading this hadith and change 2 to double which is wrong. The person who has put effort and reads fluently his/reward cannot be compared to anything.

InshaAllah I hope we can help the sisters. If any brthers are interested then they can send an email to postmaster@quranicsciences.com directly inshaAllah, and the sisters can do the same or send an email to me directly.

May Allah help us all and give sincerity in our efforts and bless us all in both the Worlds, ameen.

Assalamu alaikum.

34. Saahibatul qur'an - March 21, 2011

This post is such a brilliant reminder for myself and all those around me… i just want to encourage yourself to find a teacher asap, i don’t know if you are aware of any institutes in your area…i was one who knew nothing about reciting the qur’an correctly, and i used to cry and listen to quran so much in order to correct myslf..i dont know how this happened, but within about a year i was able to read, without any major mistakes…every institute or teacher i went to told me how brilliant my tajweed was..and now i am teaching alhamdulillah…in many different places…so just want to say i really appreciate where you are coming from and it was very heart warming to see this blog, and i will be sharing this with my students tomorrow to make them appreciate what they are learning.

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