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What if… May 30, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in Random Musings.

Asalaamu Alaikum

What if the sky was pink instead of blue? Would the world function any differently? Would there be any sort of change at all? Would I look up at the sky and wonder what if the sky was blue?

What if I had been born one year earlier or one year later? Would I be the same? Would it make any sort of difference to my life? I guess it would, I would have different friends, I would be doing something totally different right now and I’m pretty sure this blog wouldn’t exist… well there’s another ‘what if…’

What if I was born ‘back home’? Lived in good ol’ Kashmir. Would I think the same? Would I have the same interests, ambitions, perceptions of the world? Would I even know what an ambition is? Or would I just go along with the stereo-typical roles they place on people over there? Would I be following my deen? If so would I be following it properly? Or would I sucked into the bid’ah and shirk that is rife back there?

What if I had been born a non Muslim? Would I find my way to the deen, or would I just remain lost in my own ignorance. Would Allah still choose to guide me? If so I wonder how I would face my struggles.

The great ‘what ifs…’

What if, ‘what ifs…’ didn’t exist? And we didn’t have the ability to imagine the great unknown. Would we just settle for what we have, no complaints, no nothing? Would we be less motivated to achieve our goals? What if…?

SubhanAllah pondering on what might have been is not really a good idea sometimes, but it had made me appreciate what has been given to me. Alhamdulillah, Allah has chosen to guide me and that my friends, is the best thing in the world!




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