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Uni September 20, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Uni.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
Insha’Allah ur all well

I started uni today, well kind of. Today was like an induction day, met my tutors, fellow students, tried to figure my way round my round the MASSIVE campus. Alhamdulillah I figured out where the induction meeting was held quite quickly but after that I got lost a few times.

Its so weird walking onto campus, I’ve been through the uni before, my college is just opposite so I used to go to the prayer room or get cheap food from the union now and then :D but this was the first time I entered the uni as a ‘student’. It felt different somehow (don’t ask how exactly).

The people on my course are alright, they seem pretty much friendly and decent. I didn’t think there would be much Muslims (one of my mates who is in her 2nd yr of the course said her class was full of yahouds) but it’s all good, there are plenty of hijaabis around- even a niqaabi (sooo cool!) Nehow I got talking to a few girls, they seem alright, I’m yet to make proper friend friends, but once we get started I should be alright. After the induction meeting we just went our own ways, there was introductory meeting to the student union that was held in a bar (sheesh!) went to that and got talking to some girls from my course, tagged around them for a bit (I was a loner u see :D) and then I got bored so I went to find some more muslimahs and so made my way to the prayer room. I had forgotten how much of a long walk it is to the prayer room, I was out of breathe and the place was so packed I thought maybe they have moved the prayer room to some other place, so I asked around but it turned out to be the same place.

Prayed Zuhr, hung around outside the sisters area for a bit cos I didn’t no anyone, then I walked into the room where all of em hang out, gave my salaam (salaam is so useful when meeting new ppl) and got talking to a few sisters. They seem like a lively bunch, some really helpful sisters there. Nehow I got talking to this girl who apparently was doing the same course as me, so I was like ‘oh so did u go to the induction thing, I didn’t see u’ and she kind gave me a weird look and told me she had. Later on as I was talking to her I saw a niqaab next to her. She was the niqaabi in ma class, I even spoke to her in the morning LOL.

So yeh, that’s about it. Oh yeh I got kinda lost looking for the library (was supposed to meet ppl there for a tour) I asked a sister in the prayer room and she spent ages telling how to get there and I was like :$ but it turned I actually knew where it was, I just didn’t no the name of the building it was in, so when she goes u no where so and so building is I was like ermmm no :$ which ended up her giving me big long directions.

Well I think I better shut up, haven’t half gone on, just I’m excited to get started, it sounds really interesting, Insha’Allah I’ll enjoy it!


PS- counting down the days till Ramadhan, 13 days to go!!!


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