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Preparing for Ramadhan 2 September 23, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Ramadhan.

Asalaamu Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are all well,

Well Ramadhan is approaching, I can’t wait! Mum and dad are jetting of to sunny Arabia; they are going to be spending the month of Ramadhan in the two holy cities – Makkah and Medina. (I wanna go!) so this will be my first ever Ramadhan without mum.

So yeh that means there’s gonna be no one to feed and look after me. I’ma be living off bread and mouldy cheese – yep that’s ur cue to start with the notes of sympathy! I’m gonna miss mum – or should I say her food? She is the best! During Ramadhan she wakes up before the lot of us and starts preparing food, delicious peranta’s – ahhhh they are gorgeous, but a tad bit unhealthy! And for Iftaar, what can I say mum never fails to cook up a feast.

But I am prepared; before I used to think Ramadhan as a time when mum cooked nice food, but my god my thinking was totally wrong. It actually annoys me now, when I think of how much food ppl make for iftaar. What’s wrong with a simple, small meal? Why do we insist on indulging in a massive feast? So I am going to stick to normal meals, nothing special or extravagant (not that I have the cooking abilities to make something extravagant) but still, I am not going to waste time making food when I can be reading the Quran or praying. During Iftaar I’ma stick to a light meal, I always get drowsy after stuffing my face with all the scrumptious food, so the evening is wasted with me lazing about- not this Ramadhan tho, nope, Insha’Allah I plan not to waste even a second!

Uni timetable rocks, I am free most of the time so I can make good use of that time doing something productive. I was thinking of getting a job, but I might just wait after Ramadhan – we’ll see! What ever does happen I just pray that I make most of the month. Its going to be good – about 10 days to go – cant wait!




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