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Back to school September 27, 2005

Posted by Muhajirah in Uni.

Asalaamu’ Alaikum,
Insha’Allah ur all well,

Well today I started uni for real. Timetabled lessons began (or so I thought). I got up pretty early so after I got ready I was wondering round the house wishing I had slept in – I was so tired. At 10-ish I made my way to uni, hoping to get there early and find where the lecture was located. It didn’t take me long to find the building where I thought the lecture was to be held. I went into the room and this girl was there who I started talking to. She was telling me how she wants to set up her own charity (like me), went to Egypt and worked in an orphanage (which is something I would love to do) and basically she wants to make a difference to the world (Me as well – but my idealist days are slowing coming to an end) Its was nice talking to her, only I realised she was in her 2nd yr which meant I was in the wrong room. Nehow she directed me to another building which found but also turned out to be wrong. Finally when I got to the right place the lecture was just a crappy 15 minute intro – what I waste of time!

So I made my way to the prayer room, which was dead. I sat there reading until a few sisters came in and so I got talking to them. Man if I think about it, uni has got to be the most Islamic environment I have ever been in; it’s so cool being surrounded by other Muslims. It’s nice to be part of something – sisterhood!!

Well my next lecture was at 3, so I had a few hours to kill which was spent chatting to ppl in the prayer room, until one of the sisters told me that the lecture that was at 3 doesn’t actually begin until October… MAN!! So I was there killing time when I could have come home, sheesh. Well I guess I got to meet some more ppl, so that’s a good thing.

So that was my first day, a 15 minute lecture… nice!


PS- yup u guessed can’t wait till Ramadhan, about a week to go! :woOt:



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