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Al Ghurabaa’ – The Strangers March 22, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in Poetry.

Asalaamu Alaikum

Insha’Allah you are all well,

This is the translation of the dua in Saad Al Ghamdi’s version of the Al Ghurabaa’ nasheed. Enjoy..

The stranger is not the one who empties the house and bids farewell now

But the stranger is he who is serious while the people around him play

And is awake while the people around him sleep

And follows the best path* while the people around him plot and plan in their misguidance

And truthful was the poet when he said:

My friend said to me, ‘I see you as a stranger

Amongst these people without a close friend.

I said ‘No! But the people are strange, I’m only in this world and this is my way.

This is indeed the stranger

Strange to those who mock from amongst mankind

But in the Sight of his Lord, he is at a Noble Station

*also means ‘narrow mountain pass’



1. ama - January 5, 2007

mashallah i love this song so much becouse of what it means it goes in the haert

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