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Ya Ummah… March 28, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Heart Softners, Islam, Writings.


Insha’Allah you are all well,

Ya Ummah
I forgot to tell you
To never forget…

Oh my brothers and sisters in Islaam! Remember the Muslimeen in your adiyaat. Don’t forget their suffering because they suffer for this Ummah! When they hurt we should hurt because, this Ummah is one body!

Don’t forget the Mujahideen who fight fisabilillah, because they fight for this Ummah! They fight to establish the pure laws of Allah (swt), they fight against falsehood and oppression, and they fight for the honour of the Muslimeen world wide.

Don’t forget the brothers and sisters who are being locked up, because they are being locked up for this Ummah. They speak nothing but the truth, but they are rejected by the people of falsehood and even some within this Ummah. No matter what, the truth will prevail so don’t be afraid to stand with the minority for indeed the minority are al ghurabaa (the strangers) and for al ghurabaa is the promise of paradise.

Don’t forget the deen of Allah (swt) because without Islaam we are nobody’s, absolutely nothing. Without Islaam we are lost, without this beautiful deen we are losers. So stick to the Qur’aan and Sunnah, take hold of the rope of Islaam and cling to it as though your life depends on it. For indeed your life (in the hereafter) does depend on it.

Don’t forget my dear brothers and sister! Don’t forget this Ummah, for we are the Ummah of the beloved Rasool Allah (saw) and by Allah (swt)’s will, Islaam will prevail!




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