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Thoughts… April 3, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Islam, Random Musings.

Asalaamu’ Alaikum,
Insha’Allah you are all well.

So summer is here, which means clocks have moved an hour forward (yeh I no that was ages ago). Isha time will soon be at 11ish and I will have a legitimate excuse for staying up late. I have been waiting for summer for a long time, but sadly I have not seen much sun. Actually it’s been raining quite a bit. Today it seemed like a nice day, sun shining an all, but when I stepped outside it was freezing.

Sometimes I wonder how this Ummah can unite, when there are so many differences between us. I don’t think it is possible especially when these differences can’t be reconciled! I mean if we differed on a small matter, that would be one thing, but when we differ on key issues such as tawheed, what can we do then? It amazes me how some people have a total lack of understanding of tawheed – the foundation of our deen. Without it, there is no Islaam, simple. Upon tawheed, the rest of ur deen is built. Yet we still have people think that it is ok to call upon others, other than the All Mighty, it is ok to make sujood to graves etc and than call the ppl who reject this, wahabbis, extremist salafis etc.

The other night, I was in really bad pain. I was awake – cos I could feel the pain, but I was also half asleep. It’s kind of weird to explain, all I know is that I was up half the night. I had to force my self out of bed for fajr and each time I got up from sujood I was wincing in pain. I have experienced worse pain than that, but it really hit me. This is nothing compared to the torments of hell, where the mildest punishment will make your brain boil! Subhan’Allah!

Its times like that when my eemaan increases. It’s a bit weird, but it makes me realise how much I have to be thankful for and how much I am in need of Allah (swt)’s mercy. My fear of His punishment increases, my hope for His mercy increases, and my love for Him increases. Times of affliction are really a blessing in disguise.

May Allah (swt) guide us all, may He (swt) keep us all on the straight path. May He (swt) grant us the best of this dunya and the best of the akhirah. May He (swt) protect us all from the torments of hell and grant us the best of abodes – al Firdaws!




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