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Paradise May 23, 2006

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Asalaamu Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are all well,

I was thinking about Jannah today. How beautiful it will be…

I thought about being surround by Muslims, being greeting with salaam.

I thought about the beautiful gardens, trees with golden trunks, bearing fruits no man has ever tasted.

I thought of the rivers of milk, honey and wine and the fountain of Al Kawther.

I thought about doing anything I please. Sitting in lush green meadows. Relaxing upon soft silk cushions, eating, drinking, playing, laughing, joking, flying through the gardens of paradise, riding a unicorn…

I thought about the companions, seeing Umar (ra), who was harsh against the enemies of Islaam, yet so loving to the Muslims. Abu Bakr, who gave away all his wealth when the Muslims were in need. And when asked, what have you left for your family? He replied, ‘Allah and His Messenger’

I thought about sitting with Aisha (ra), chatting to her. I would ask her to tell me what it was like to race the Prophet.

I thought about Khadijah, the first woman to embrace Islaam. I imagine myself watching her from a distance, admiring her with such respect.

I thought about the previous prophets, Adam (as), the father of mankind. Sulaiman, Musa, Isa… all of the prophets and messengers mentioned in the Qur’aan and all the ones that are not.

I thought about Muhammad (saw), the mercy to mankind. The best of creation! On a day when others will shout nafsi, nafsi, nafsi! He will shout, ummati, ummati ummati! I imagine myself following him around everywhere 24/7 – wait there will be no time! I imagine me asking him a million and one questions! What was it like in the cave, when you got your first revelation? What was it like in Ta’if when the children stoned you? What did it feel like when you conquered Makkah and destroyed the Idols? What was it like to participate in Jihaad, one to one with the enemy? So many questions!!

I imagine the green birds, flying around the Throne, the martyrs! How they will be asked what they would like and they will reply that they wish to return to earth to fight once again and die once again – all for the sake of the Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

And then I thought of the Throne itself and Allah the Magnificent, the Great. I thought about seeing my Creator, My Rabb. The one whose mercy is endless. I imagine falling down, prostrating with humility. I imagine shedding tears, but in Jannah there are no tears (at least I don’t think so), so I smile and my smile turns into laughter.

And then my thoughts are shattered with a sudden realisation… I desire paradise, but what have I done to deserve it?

Ya Rabb, only by your mercy can we enter Paradise. You are the Master of the Day of Judgement, so show mercy to us sinful souls on that day. Cover up our sins; take easy account on us and save us from the torments of the fire. Only You, Ya Rabb can admit us into gardens beneath which rivers flow, with You lies all success and without your guidance we are truly lost. So guide us to the truth and help us to stay on the straight path, the path leading to Jannah. Ameen!


Boredom May 22, 2006

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Asalaamu Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are well,

I want to write. I don’t know what about tho, we’ll see.

My next door neighbours are, once again blasting out their trashy songs, which is annoying. Actually it’s doubly annoying cos this time all I can hear is a drum sound or something going dum dum… dum over and over and over and over again. I want to turn up my nasheeds.

Cool jihadi nasheed VS repetative drum sound

Let the Battle Begin!

Its what I usually do and it works, the trash usually gets turned off (I very much doubt it has anything to do with me though lol) But I cant this time, my sisters in the other room reading, and she’s already told me to turn down the volume once before.

Anyway, what else? You know the usual stress of exams. I had one today, and another one tomorrow. The only revision I did was just flick through my notes a couple of hours ago. Since then nothing. In fact when I have revision or any other type of work to do I find myself finding other things to do, even if it’s more boring than revision… I don’t know why. I am weird!

In other news, I started taking driving lessons, which I HATE! Who would have thought driving can be sOoOo boring. And I don’t like my instructor much either! She keeps telling me to check my mirrors… why? I just glance at the side mirror, without processing what I see and return my gaze back to the road ahead of me. What’s the point?

Anyway must go, maghrib time approaches…

Good bye and Allah bless!


P.S: *silence* – hehe the annoying music has been turned off. Alhamdulillah!

Sacrifice May 17, 2006

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Asalaamu Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are all well,

I had my first exam today, a three hour Arabic paper. It was harder than expected but alhamdulillah its over and done with – just another four more to go.

It’s hard to imagine the life of the hereafter, I think we as an Ummah have become too engrossed in this dunya and are distracted by material things. We don’t think of the bigger picture, cos we’re greedy and we want things now. We want to enjoy this life, rather than working for the bounties of Allah (swt) in the hereafter. We have forgotten that paradise (and hell) is eternal, whereas this dunya is merely a journey. Rather than travelling through life, we have settled down, deceived by the (false) beauties around us. We have forgotten this is a strange land and we are strangers, working towards returning home. However most of all, we have forgotten our creator. The one who we shall return to, the one who shall question us, about our every actions; what will we say then? How will we answer for sins we have committed? We sin everyday, even though we know that Allah the All Mighty sees us. We have no fear, no shame… nothing. We have pushed the reality of the hereafter far away, deep in our minds. But what will be our fate when the reality comes? For indeed, heaven is true, and hell is true and the promise of our Lord is true – one day we shall all die, and one day we shall all be resurrected. Will our faces be shining brightly? Will we make it over the sirat with ease? Will we be residing in beautiful gardens beneath which rivers flow? Or will we be amongst those whose faces are dark and glum, one of those who is dragged into the pits of hell, whose drink is boiling water that will never quench our thirst and whose food is devil shaped fruits that will never nourish or end our hunger?

Think about it!

Sacrificing something for your deen is hard, but Allah (swt) has promised us that whatever we give up in this dunya, He (swt) will replace it with something a gazillion times better. If we remember this, then maybe it won’t be so hard and the shaytaan will be weakened in his attempts to make us submit to our desires.

So sacrifice this dunya for the hereafter, a temporary life for a life of eternal bliss.

May Allah guide us all to the truth and make us one of the dwellers of Jannatul Firdaus.


Identity, Sisterhood and Loving for the Sake of Allah May 15, 2006

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Assalaamu Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are all well,

So the other day I just happened to look outside the window, when I saw a sister, fully clad in black. Head to toe completely covered, a niqaabi good and proper. Subhan’Allah, when I saw her, a smile spread across my face and I felt warm inside. I made dua that Allah grants her Firdaus, cos just by seeing her I felt happy!

Niqaabis are too cool. I wish I was one too!
Sisterhood is also cool, how I love Islaam.

May Allah (swt) increase my Imaan, so that one day I too have the courage to wear niqaab. May He (swt) guide us all and unite us under the banner of Islaam. May He (swt) strengthen us and give us victory over the disbelievers


Need [mental] help… May 8, 2006

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Asalaamu Alaikum,
Insha’Alllah you are all well

I’m stressed and I’m tired and I’m bored and my teeth hurt from eating 2 packs of softmints and I’m hungry and my eyes feel weird from sitting at the computer for too long and the mess all over the desk is annoying me and I can’t bare to read another thing about globalisation, but I have still got 1000 words to write about the bloody subject and I cant be bothered… but I have too.


PS, please remember me in your duas – essay deadlines and exams coming up!