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Finito …!! June 1, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Uni.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
Insha’Allah you are all well.

Alhamdulillah! Exams are over = uni is over = a whole summer of pure relaxation… well not quite. I would think that I would be quite happy, but not really. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing over the summer. Parents, elder siblings are wanting me to get a job and I wouldn’t mind one, but there is no-where ‘halaal’ to work if you get me. For a student with no experience the options are a shop or a call centre. Both are not my type of jobs cos of the sorta stuff they would involve. Shops = selling haraam stuff, be it alcohol, haraam food or skimpy clothing. And call centres are places for dossers (no offence to anyone working in one).

Anyhow, after my exam, I decided to go shopping with my two niqaabi friends, which was boring, cos I hate shopping. We were just walking when this idiot looks at my mate and shouts OH MY GOD! What the heck… spaz and a half! Just cos someone wears a veil doesn’t make them some sort of alien being. I swear I hate this place.

Hehe… I make it sound as tho it really annoyed me, it didn’t. At the time I just laughed thinking what a prat. But I don’t think my friend was too pleased. Thinking back to it has annoyed me though. I’ve been thinking about niqaab for a long time and this is yet another thing on the ‘obstacles’ list. Being a non niqaabi I find it amusing when my mates get stick from the kuffar… not in haha you got dissed amusing, but the haha they are so scared of you amusing. Cos that’s what it is all about, they feel insecure around niqaabis and feeling insecure leads to fear which is why they make dumb comments. Anyhow this (plus other incidents when around with niqaabi friends) has made me stop and think. Would I have the same reaction if I was the one who was at the brunt of the stupid comments, constant stares? Would i find it amusing then? I really don’t know.

May Allah allow me to make hijrah from this place, may he increase my imaan and keep me away from all kufr and deviancy.

Remember me in you duas. Jazaak Allah Khaire




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