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Dirasah Arabiyah – Studing Arabic? August 5, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Uni.

Asalaamu Alaikum,
Insha’Allah you are all well

So it’s been ? weeks since uni finished, in fact I shall be starting again in September Insha’Allah. I am looking forward to it as it’s pretty boring at home. First year at uni was enjoyable but I hated it at the same time. I suppose I hated the environment but loved what I was studying – Al-lughah al-arabiyah. It’s a shame I’m not studying it anymore, I could have been preparing to jet off to Egypt right now, and if I had been the same person I was a year ago I would probably be going, but alhamdulillah that’s not gonna happen anymore. And though a part of me tells me I am letting go of the most exciting/important opportunity in my life, most of me knows that it’s for the best. It just increases my desire of making hijrah.

So I won’t be studying Arabic anymore at uni, that doesn’t mean I should stop studying it all. I made a plan at the start of summer to carry on with the Arabic. Review the stuff I have done, go through the other chapters of my Arabic book. And well for a while I did (a week to be exact) – I went through the vocabulary lists, reminded myself of the grammar, spoke to everyone (including myself) in Arabic. To improve my writing (well that was my excuse) I used to always write English messages in Arabic for my sister to read on my whiteboard like: يو سمل سو باد! stupid stuff like that. I even made an Iraqi friend (even if it was a 10yr old). I spent an afternoon talking to her in Arabic and even though she didn’t know much fusHah (I was teaching her =D) it helped a lot cos I dont get the chance to do a lot of speaking. It was all going well until I starting to slack. And now… well now I have forgotten it all! =(

I bought a book ages ago, before I knew any Arabic at all, in a bid to teach myself. Because I didn’t understand any of it, I left it to gather dust on my bookshelf. Today I noticed it, lying there neglected. I picked it up and had a flick through it and it was a good read. I love Arabic grammar, its SOOO hard, but SOOO interesting at the same time. Most of it made sense to me and if I made an effort it would benefit me a lot! It explains Qur’aanic grammar and so has references to the Qur’aan which is good. Also I am forgetting the grammar, which is fundamental to learning Arabic. If I let myself forget it completely, the past year of spending ages in the library trying to figure out roots of words and memorising the numerous different forms of a verb would all have been a waste of time!

Need to be a geek and start learning.



1. fajr - September 8, 2006

As-salaamu `alaykum

Keep going ukhti, keep going…

How advanced are you in your arabic? I remember when I started off learning, it was so exciting yet difficult and at times I would go to bed with a massive headache but every minute spent in that hardship was definitely worth it.

I think that as you progress at your own pace you develop in your intellectual approach to just about every field of learning – and learning arabic disciplines a person :-D

Yeah, be careful not to give up on revision… if anything just keep reading and you’ll really advance in your arabic. Take care sis

Wasalaamu `alaykum

2. Irhabiyah - September 10, 2006


Jazaak Allah khaire for ur encouragement..

I am a complete beginner, i can construct simple sentance, can read but not too well without the harakat and my speaking is rubbish really.

Did you learn on your own or with a teacher? I dont think it would be possible to learn on my own. I’m trying since, i have basic knowledge, so the least i can do is improve my vocab, but other than that i dont know.

Can you suggest any books that would be useful for someone studying on thier own. Also some simple arabic books to read?

3. fajr - September 14, 2006

Wa iyyaaki sis

I was able to learn with a teacher alhamdulillah. This was for me the only way to progress from the basics, as well as adopting a more suitable environment.

There are many books out there for you to choose from, but with regards to ‘learning-on-your-own’ sets, I’m not too sure. Maybe ring up various institutes and ask to speak to an advisor for some naseeha. Although you can learn on your own, i feel that you will reach a state where its almost impossible to move on without a teacher (this is the same for most fields of study).

For the time being, really improve your reading (this advances a person in all areas of the language) and also start listening to audios (maybe short lectures etc) to pick up on pronounciations, phrases etc.

Sorry, not much help :-D

May Allaah aid you sis

Wasalaamu `alaykum

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