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*sigh* November 22, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in Arabic, General, Qur'an.

I’m almost in tears. I am in tears thinking about how much I am losing out.

How at loss I am at because I don’t know Arabic.

It’s not the same is it; reading a translation vs. the actual words of Allah. You can’t even compare the two.

I meet Arabs and I envy them because their mother tongue is Arabic. I meet non Arabs that are fluent in Arabic and I envy them because they managed it but I have not.

Then looking at it from another point of view, I have spent a life time in education, studying. Sitting bored out of my mind in most of my classes with nothing really ever interesting me. Then finally I find something that actually interest me, something that is so amazing to study but I can’t even carry it on.

My dream is to be fluent, to be able to read the Qur’an and understand it. To be moved to tears not by translations but by the actual words of Allah in Arabic!

O Allah make me fluent in the best of languages – Arabic, and make me able to understand (fully) the best of words – your kalaam.

Make dua…

Wa ‘Alaikumusalaam


1. Abdullah bin Adam - November 23, 2006

Wa’alykum as-Salaam wa Rahmatullaah. Aameen to your du’aa. Please make the same du’aa for this unworthy muslim, and for all those who are suffering the same heartache.

2. truthline - November 23, 2006

As salaamu alaikum

Ameen. That is one of the reasons I have chose to live in an arab country. So that my children could start at an early age in arabic language school. InshaAllah they will not be like myself. I pray that Allah(ta aala) will give them the knowledge of the language of quran. Ameen. And may he give it to all of us muslims that have a real desire and need to know the language of quran. Ameen.

JazakAllahu khair

3. Tanveer - June 26, 2007


A short course of 27 lessons each of 15 minutes!

A very very effective way of learning arabic and quran !!!


4. Tanveer - June 26, 2007

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