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The Power of Dua November 22, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Heart Softners, History, Imaan, Islam.

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum

Insha’Allah you are in the best of health and Imaan.

An example of pure faith and dua…

Ahmed Ibn Hanbal’s was imprisoned during the time of al Ma’mun due to his rejection of the idea that the Qur’an was created. He was taken to the palace of al Ma’mum in Syria to be executed by the khaleefah himself. Ahmed stopped just outside the palace. where he prayed two rakah. When he got up for the second rakah he raised his hands and made the following dua:


“Oh Allah, your clemency has made this sinner (al Ma’mun) so arrogant and he has become so bold and daring by transgressing all bounds (i.e. his oppression of the Ulamaa.) Oh Allah if this Qur’an is your speech, uncreated then take all his evil away from us”


No sooner had he finished his salaah, that people in the palace began to shout and a huge commotion followed. After inquiring about what was happening, Ahmed found out that al Ma’mum who was due to execute him with his very own sword had died. Ahmed’s dua had been accepted.

Taken from the lecture series The Story of Imam Ahmed, by Safi Khan


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