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By Allah if they were to know the ugliness of my inside… December 26, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Heart Softners, Imaan, Islam, Khushoo.

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are all in the best of health and Imaan

I got this from Akhi DXB’s blog (hope he doesn’t mind), but when I read this it blew me away. I was like Subhan’Allah… I am nothing, absolutely nothing, yet how Merciful is Allah who guides me though I am not worthy. How Merciful is Allah who hides my faults even though I continue to sin. How Merciful is Allah…



والله لو علموا قبيح سريرتي لأبى السلام علي من يلقاني

ولأعرضوا عني وملوا صحبتي ولبؤت بعد كرامة بهوان

لكن سترت معايبي ومثالبي وحلمت عن سقطي وعن طغياني

فلك المحامد والمدائح كلها بخواطري وجوارحي ولساني

By Allah if they were to know the ugliness of my inside (true self), then whoever would meet me would refuse to greet me

And they would have turned away from me and felt sickened by my company, and I would have become humiliated after being dignified

But You (Allah) covered up my flaws and sins and graciously didn’t punish me for my transgressions,

All Praise is to You, with all my heart, body and tongue.





1. mujahida3001 - December 28, 2006

assalamu alikum,

subhanallah, what an excellent reminder to all us of that we are absolutely nothing. not even worth a single grain of sand.

jazakallah khair

2. Travelling Stranger - December 31, 2006


3. fajr - December 31, 2006

As-salaamu `alaykum sis

I didn’t realise you had this quote on your blog too. Please read comment here, and see if you can help me out… http://heartsofgreenbirds.wordpress.com/2006/12/28/by-allah-if-they-were-to-know-the-ugliness-of-my-inside%e2%80%a6/#comments

Please kindly refer me to the original poster of the quote, you mentioned an akh DXB?

Jazaakillaahu khayran ukhti

4. Irhabiyah - December 31, 2006

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum,

I was just about to say that the blog that i got the quote from doesnt seem to be around nemore when i clicked on Travelling Strangers name

This is the original post : http://travellingstranger.blogspot.com/2006/09/blog-post.html

Hope you all had a blessed eid.

Wa ‘alaikumusalaam

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