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Oh Allah… December 29, 2006

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Hajj, Heart Softners, Imaan, Islam, Khushoo, Writings.

Oh Allah, Lord of all that exists! I turn to you on this day, a day so full of blessing and mercy. I supplicate to you ya Rabb as it is only You who can benefit me and only You who can harm me. I beg you to guide me ya Rabb, because without your guidance I am truly lost. Keep me upon the haqq and away from all forms of batil. Keep me away from the shirk, kufr, nifaq, bid’ah and the many deviancies that have filled this world. Rid my heart of arrogance, pride and all disease and grant me the firmness of Imaan. I beg You ya Rabb because if You turn away from me then who else do I have?

Oh Allah the Magnificent! Send blessing upon the hujjaj, who have gathered on the plains of Arafah to praise You alone. Send upon them sakinah and shower upon them Your endless Mercy. Accept their hajj ya Rabb and make them of those whose hearts have been cleansed from all sin.

Oh Allah the Mighty! Aid the Mujahideen who fight for your sake, seeking either victory or martyrdom. Grant them victory over the kuffar, the tawagheet and the shayateen. Keep them firm Ya Rabb, take away all fear from their hearts. Protect them from the enemies of Islam and make them of the shuhadah whose soul will be placed in the heart of green birds

Oh Allah, the Protector. Keep safe the oppressed ones. Make their trials a means for them to enter Jannah, accept their duas and make them of the sabirun.

Oh Allah the Planner! Destroy the enemies of Islam. Send upon them your wrath. Humiliate them as they humiliate us Ya Rabb. Let the most evil of endings descend upon them. Make their children orphans and their wives widows. Destroy them and destroy the evil and lies that they spread. They plan, but you ya Rabb are the best of Planners.

Oh Allah, the King of all mankind. Return to this Ummah, honour and dignity. Unite us on the foundations of haqq, unite us under the banner of tawheed and keep away from us the evils of democracy, secularism, nationalism and all other man made laws and systems. Wake us up from our sleep ya Rabb, wake us up so we realise our duties. So we stand up for this deen rather than the deen of the kuffar. So we fight fisabilillah rather than for the tawagheet. Help us to strive for the akhirah rather than the dunya. Make us of the people of paradise, the mu’minun, the salihoon, the shuhadah and protect us from hypocrisy and kufr. Protect us from those who will never be pleased until we turn to their religion, until we let go of Your rope and follow their falsehood. Protects from ash shaytaan, whose mission it is to misguide mankind unto the path of destruction. Keep us firm ya Rabb, on the path of Islam, the path of guidance, the path leading to paradise!

Oh Allah, Master of the Day of Judgement! Have mercy on our sinful souls. Do not let us die except in the state of Islam. Make the trials of the qabr easy for us. Make our grave wide, with a window opening up to Jannah. And when the day comes, when mankind will be resurrected for judgment, raise us with the righteous ya Rabb, make us of those who will have nothing to fear. Take easy account on us, have mercy on us, hide our evil sins and hand us our record in our right hands. Ya Rabb protect us from the fire whose fuel is men and stones; keep away from us such painful punishments! Quench our thirst that day from the rivers of Jannah. Grant us lofty structures, gardens beneath which rivers flow, grant us rivers of milk and honey, grant us the company of the righteous, the anbiyah… the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

I ask You and You only. You have power over all things, so accept my duas ya Rabb and make me of the sincere.


1. Travelling Stranger - December 31, 2006

May Allaah accept your duas.

Eid mubarak !

2. Muhajirah - December 31, 2006

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum

‘Eid Mubarak to you aswell

Taqaballahu mina wa minkum

3. insomniac - January 2, 2007

ameen to your dua’as!

O Allah! Break free the shackles of our prisoners and the prisoners of the Muslims.
O Allah! Break free the shackles of our prisoners and the prisoners of the Muslims.
O Allah! Break free the shackles of our prisoners and the prisoners of the Muslims, and return them safely to their families.


4. Muhajirah - January 2, 2007

as salaamu ‘alaikum


5. mariuma27 - July 9, 2009

Asalamu Alakyam Waramatullahi Wabaratuh,
Ameen Ya Rab Alaameen. Very powerful, JAzakAllah Khair. May Allah answer all your duas! Ameen.

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