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Oh Misguided Fool… January 2, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in Islam, Poetry, Writings.

Oh misguided fool,
slave of the nafs!
Why sell eternal pleasure,
for pleasure that will not last?

Oh weak minded abd,
whose soul is so lost.
You find enjoyment in this world,
but at what cost?

You live today,
not thinking of death tomorrow.
When the laughter will be replaced by cries
and the joy with sorrow.

You remember that of the past,
memories that bring a smile upon your face.
Yet forgotten is that of the future,
a day full of disgrace.

A day, when the disbelievers will cry,
the torments driving them insane.
When the world full of gold would not be enough,
as a ransom to relieve the pain

So seek guidance from your Rabb,
And take heed of the words of the Qur’aan.
Worship Allah with humility
And beware of the whispers of Shaytaan.

For he makes evil seem good,
and wishes to misguide,
the people on the haq,
who for the sake of their deen, strive.



1. UmmShurahbeel - January 3, 2007

assalamu alaykum

just stumbled across your blog whilst browsing through other peoples blogs

mashaAllaah nice blog & amazing poem..

I know a sis who calls herself ‘irhabiyah’ aswell lol

is it okay if i add you to my blog list inshAallaah?


2. Irhabiyah - January 4, 2007

wa alaikumusalaam

Yeh go ahead sister, i have added you also (insha’Allah you dont mind)

3. UmmShurahbeel - January 4, 2007

assalamu ‘alaykum

JazakiAllahu khayr for your permission

nope sis i dont mind


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