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Take your provisions in this world… January 31, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in Arabic, Heart Softners, Islam, Poetry.

تزود من الدنيا فإنك لا تدري ***** إذا جن ليل هل تعيش إلى الفجر

فكم من عروس زينوها لزوجها ***** وقد نسجت أكفانها وهي لا تدري

وكم من صغار يرتجى طول اعمارهم*****وقد ادخلت اجسادهم ظلمة القبر

وكم من سليم مات من غير علة ***** وكم من سقيم عاش حينا من الدهر

وكم من فتى يمسي ويصبح لاهيا ***** وقد نسجت أكفانه وهو لايدري

وكم من ساكن عند الصباح بقصره ***** وعند المسا قد كان من ساكن القبر

فكن مخلصا واعمل الخير دائما **** لعلك تحظى بالمثوبة والأجر

وداوم على تقوى الإله فإنها ***** أمان من الأهوال في موقف الحشر


Take your provisions in this world, for you know not,

If the night encompasses, shall you survive until dawn,

For how many brides were adorned for their husbands,

And her shroud was sown out for her, while she knew not

And how many of the young hoped for the longevity of their lives,

And their bodies entered the darkness of the grave,

And how many of the healthy died without illness,

And how many of the ill lived to a long appointed age,

And how many children slept and awoke with haste,

And their shroud was sown out for them, and they knew not,

And how many inhabitants of palaces in the morning,

Found themselves at night, inhabitants of graves,

So be of the sincere, oft-workers of righteousness,

Perhaps you shall be fortunate to reap bounty and reward,

And be constantly vigilant upon consciousness of The Lord, for it is,

Security from the difficulties in the station of The Gathering



1. mohammed - November 20, 2011

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