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Surah Ikhlas in 10 different styles – Mishary Rashid al ‘Afasy February 13, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in Audio and Media, Islam, Qur'an, Tajweed.

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum,

Masha’Allah this is nice…



1. Rasheed Gonzales - February 22, 2007

as-Salâm ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Mashâ’allah. That’s the first time I’ve heard all 10 of the different readings; such a facinating subject to look into. I can pick out 2 of the ten (Hafs and Qâlūn and think I can pick out Warsh, but the rest, I don’t know which is which).

Good find though. Jazakum Allah khaira for sharing.

2. Syarif indonisiy - May 14, 2007

How to download this file, would you like to send me in wmv format please to my account at … Please
Jazaakallahu khoir.
wassalam from syarif indonisiy

3. Muhajirah - May 14, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

the video can be downloading from here …Just copy and paste the URL of the vid

4. malaysian peop - December 3, 2007


its amazing!!!!how to download it.show the way each.thanks

5. Muhajirah - December 6, 2007

Wa alaikum as salaam

click on the link that i posted above (comment threE) and past the URL of the video…

6. ibrahim idris - October 27, 2011

Very good recitation for those that they don’t know the ilmul qiraat

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