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When will we ever relax? February 27, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Heart Softners, Hereafter, Imaan, Islam.

In this life of poverty, hardship and trials, Abdullah asked his father [Imam Ahmad] one day, “Abi when will we ever relax?”

His father, one of the greatest revivers of the Sunnah, a role model for all Muslims, looked him in the eye and said, “With the first step we take into Jannah.”

I came across this quote a while back and it blew me away, and each time I read it, it has the same affect on me.

Don’t expect anything from this dunya. Don’t expect comfort or ease or luxury. Don’t expect an easy life, with no tests or trials. This dunya is nothing, so how can we become so attached to it, longing for its false splendour, forgetting that which is everlasting? How can we be satisfied when Allah has promised us Jannah? Great lush gardens and lofty palaces…

Fight falsehood with truth and greet hardships with patience. It’s only once you enter Jannah that you have achieved and gained success. So until then, don’t even think of relaxing…


1. Rasheed Gonzales - February 28, 2007

Jazâkillah khairan kathîra. Thank you so much for sharing this quote. You don’t happen to have a reference for it, do you? I’d like to see if I can find it in the original Arabic. It rings very similar to the quote I just posted on my blog: something my brother once said about people fascinated with this wordly life.

2. Quote … Unquote … « Rasheed Gonzales - February 28, 2007

[…] related to the message my brother was hinting at by his words. Thanks to Muhajirah for posting this very nice reminder on her blog. Posted by Rasheed Gonzales Filed in Quotes to Remember, Wordly […]

3. African Lion - March 2, 2007

Salam aleikum.
Can I add my own dose of pessimism to this? I specifically mean pessismism regarding dunyah and not in general.

Allah promises hardships, and he doesn’t keep any other promise wwith the same priority with which he keeps this one. It has no conditions, no strings attached. He will grant suffering no matter what we do. If we kill ourselves to escape them, He’ll burn us alive. If we take shortcuts and cheat to make things easier, he’ll punish us in this life or the grave or hell or any combination thereof.

In dunya, I advise Muslims to teach our children to not merely expect tests, but to not expect ease to balance it out. Be prepared for the worst, and teach them to select spouses who are prepared for the worst, too, because the Dajjal is coming, and he’ll harvest followers from even among the muslims. He’ll be hardship incarnate, commanding all the belongings of Muslims to walk out, guaranteeing wealth for the kaffirs and apostates along with poverty for the Muslims. After all, the system is already in place, and it’s here because we abandoned the one thing that would give us honor back, jihad.

4. Muhajirah - March 2, 2007

asalaamu alaikum

rasheed, wa iyaak unfortunately i dont have a reference to it. I read it a while back somewhere, and i recently heard it quoted in one of Muhammad al Shareef’s lectures (cant remember which one)

african lion,

although i agree with u to some extent two things come to mind ‘ His (swt) Mercy prevails His Wrath’ and ‘so verily after every hardship there comes ease, verily with every hardship comes ease (i.e two eases for one hardship)’

but yes, we should all expect to live a life of harship, because it is thru trials and tribulations that Allah cleanses our hearts of evil. And Allah knows best how much evil there is in within us. If the prophets, the sahabah went thru such tough trials and they were the best of poeple, then what about us who sin so frequently? Do we think that our good deeds alone will get us into Jannah?

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