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A Letter to the Captives of Guantanamo March 21, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in Activism, General, Islam, Politics, War on Islam.

Taken from al-Asra.org

Translated by Cageprisoners.com


To those who stand tall in a time of kneeling…

To those who are alive in the graves of the dead…

To the everlasting candles whose light will never be extinguished…

To those who are holding their positions in the cages of Guantanamo and the interrogation rooms of the new Nazi prisons…

To those with whom a desolate island flourished, and by their faith, it became a garden, decorated with the spikes of wheat and the fragrance of flowers and sweet basil…

To those, whose eyes, patience and steadfastness made their captors taste the wretchedness of bondage…

To you, O life of my heart, and brothers of my soul…

To you who illustrate the bright new day and weave its threads with the fabric of your bodies,

To the giants in the era of dwarves…

To you who carried faith in your hearts that made you break free from the shackles, transforming them with the new dawn, into bracelets adorning your wrists…

To you who wrote history so that it bowed down to you in veneration and respect…

To those who are lying in wait behind the bars…

To those lions, lying in wait,

We offer our fragranced greetings of peace and our continuous prayers…May the most beautiful greetings of peace and the purest salutations reach you…

Captives of Guantanamo:

They are the knights of the battle, the men who took a stand. Because of their absolute faith in all that Islam entails, and in its rights that have been seized; their eyes are never closed to even the slightest injustice.

Captives of Guantanamo: They pay the price for glory and nobility and the tax for freedom and pride from the flower of their youth and the most beautiful years of their lives.

Captives of Guantanamo: They smash the executioner’s fetters with their faith, while mocking the tyranny of the prison guard and the darkness and gloom of the cells.

Captives of Guantanamo: They know well that in this time, there is no place for a warrior except prison, the grave or the battlefield!

We haven’t forgotten you and we will never forget you!

We owe it to the detainees to share with them in the darkness of their prisons, not just in our words, but rather, by our deeds…

That we wipe the tears from the eyes of their children… and draw a smile on the lips of their mothers…

That we soothe their wounds…and demonstrate the ultimate loyalty for their blood…and for the tears of those who love them…

That we raise their issue… and give importance to their affairs… and that we do our best to free them…

Woe to the nation who forgets her captives, martyrs, and wounded!

Our beloved prisoners of war: Even if the eye doesn’t see you, the heart will never forget you, and I swear by Allah, verily victory is your companion whether in the long run or in the near future!


Guantanamo… then what?

Strange are the changes in conditions and customs with the passing days and years; for, at a time in which the world takes prisons to be a symbol of the establishment of a safe society, free of crime and bloodshed, the Mujahideen enter the prisons and are forced into their tiny cells, while their families, wives, mothers, and children live out a continual humanitarian tragedy, tasting the bitterness of poverty and the pain of oppression…

My soul laments over the situation of their children. While other children are happy at the time of the Eid feast, they miss their fathers, tears flowing from their eyes and the eyes of their mothers. However, to you, our beloved, in those prisons, we say:

Be like a tree with its roots in the depths of the earth, and its fruit reaching high into the sky. Such is the fate of great men, and Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most men know not. It is sufficient praise for you that you made the hell of prison, a paradise of knowledge:

1. As you remain vigilant at your posts you are being rewarded; whether you are moving or still.

2. You captives are not just fulfilling one of the duties of Islam, but rather, you are filling in many posts that have been neglected by the remiss…

Verily, the manacles with which you are bound are the bracelets of the free… And the prison is the den of the revolutionary… We strive for justice to the same degree as the harshness of the oppression. Our longing for the light of truth is equal to the darkness of falsehood. And according to the extent of the pain of the suffering will be the greatness of the reward.

In conclusion:

Such is the fate of the great men… Words filled with pain gush forth, only to fall and stumble in front of such great men. And what great men you are! You are captives, behind bars, but your pure souls and your blessed efforts and your righteous deeds soar eternally to the sky, there on high. You make the enemy quake and you have taught him that the faith that is in the heart is the greatest weapon and most lethal means of attack.

I ask Allah to expedite your release and victory; verily He is the All-Hearing, the One who Answers our prayers.



1. me - March 22, 2007


2. Muhajirah - March 23, 2007

na’am, please dont forget them in your duas, it is the very least we can do!

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