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Poverty and Slavery March 23, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in Activism, General, Politics.

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum,


Maybe it’s just me but I really think that within the Muslim community (in my corner of the dunya anyway) there seems to be a lack of interest in issues such as poverty, fair trade, environment etc.

Now these issues, although do affect the Ummah are more a humanitarian issues then they are ‘Muslim’ issues and so it’s probably for this reason that they are ignored.

The sad thing is that we, the Muslim have forgotten our own Ummah, so it’s not really that surprising that we don’t concern ourselves with issues that affect the world as a whole. We’ve forgotten our brothers and sisters that are suffering in the occupied lands… forget that we have forgotten the state of the Muslim youth in our own countries. Look back at the history of the Ummah, the lions of this deen were the youth – Osama bin Zaid, Muhammad bin Qasim. But today our youth are wannabe kuffar, strutting about in the streets, designer clothes and flash cars. So immersed in the dunya, totally oblivious of the akhira.

So back to the point of this post. Why do we not care about humanitarian issues? Why don’t we care about anything, anymore?

Subhan’Allah there are some people that live in such extreme poverty that it is unimaginable. But why? There is so much wealth so why is there so much poverty? It is because the wealth of this dunya is in the hands of a few (the West). They have created capitalism so they keep on getting rich, and the poor just keep on getting poorer.

Then they pretend that they want to eradicate poverty by setting up G8 summits in which they do nothing but talk. If they really wanted to end poverty they would stop with their trade barriers that they impose on poor countries. They would cancel the debt of the African nations. (Note indebted countries have actually paid off the money they borrowed, but because of interest they are still having to pay treble the amount and so today we see that in countries where money is desperately needed to educate the people, and eradicate AIDS almost all of their GNP is going towards paying off these debts.)

The most sad thing about it is that countries such as Africa are so rich in natural resources so they shouldn’t be so poor. In fact they should be one of the richest nations in the world. But it is because of countries such as the UK and the US that they are in such a state? How you ask? Well firstly for the reasons given above (i.e. capitalism) Secondly wasn’t it the UK and US who were involved in the slave trade. Wasn’t it them who took millions of people from Africa for cheap labour in their own countries. Imagine what impact that had on the African economies!! All their young, healthy men were taken so who was left to develop thier economy? Nobody!!

I was reading in Amnesty International Magazine about the debate of reparations. Should UK and US pay reparations to the Africans? I say YES. Because not only did they ruin the lives of all the people they took as slaves but they destroyed a whole nation. The salve trade is one of the primary reasons why Africa is so poor and the UK and US is so rich.

Some people argue that the people who were responsible for the slave trade are dead so who should pay it? And secondly the people who were taken as slaves are dead so who should receive it? What a weak argument… the slave trade had long term impacts that can still be seen today so why shouldn’t they pay. Some idiots even refuse to apologise (not that an apology means anything) because if they apologise they are taking the blame and if they take the blame they should pay reparations!

How it would be nice to see a little justice in the world and the UK, US paying out!!


So what can WE do?

First and foremost, we need to help OUR Ummah. I know that kinda contradicts what said earlier about caring about humanitarian issues, but our first priority is this Ummah. Saying that most of the above affects Muslims. You think that there are no Muslims in Africa? WRONG. And so it is for this reason that these causes are OUR causes!

1. Educate yourself! First and foremost we all need to swot up on these subjects. Go read up on the slave trade, poverty in Africa, trade restrictions etc.

2. Raise awareness of these issues amongst the Muslim community, cause lets admit it, one we are super ignorant about these issues and two we don’t really give a damn do we?

3. Support fair trade. As much as you can, support fair trade. Buy fair trade chocolate, coffee, clothes etc.

These are just a couple of ideas from the top of my head. If you can think of anymore than let me no Insha’Allah.

For More Information Visit:

Make Poverty History

Trade Justice Movement

Blink: Anti Slavery Week

Anti Slavery

Anti Slavery Today


Anyway, rant over.

Wa ‘Alaikum as Salaam



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