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Their prisoners compared to ours April 7, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in Activism, General, Politics, War on Islam.

How many of our brothers and sisters and locked up and incarcerated in cages, treated worse than animals? How many have faced nothing but torture and humiliation for years on end, just for believing in La Illaha Illallah? How many?

Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Belmarsh and ghost prisons across the world. Our brothers who are physically and sexually abused. Our brothers whose belief in Allah is mocked. Our brothers who face such unimaginable methods of torture that they are made to confess to crimes they did not commit. Our brothers…yet we sit in a painful silence.

Compare our reaction to the reaction of the kuffar, when 15 of their navy personnel were captured by the rafidah. Compare our silence to their uproar. Our lack of concern to their condemnations. Subhan’Allah 15 of their soldiers were captured and they did everything in their power to ensure their return. The whole world condemned Iran and demanded their return. The kuffar nations put so much pressure on Iran to release them, and when they were released the world stood shocked of news of their ‘ill treatment’…

Their ill treatment? They were captured for straying into Iranian waters (whether its true or not at least they knew what they were captured for). Our brothers have been locked away for years without charge. They were kept in solitary confinement for a couple of weeks. Our brothers have been in solitary confinement for YEARS. The worse ‘torture’ they faced was being blind folded and then later paraded on TV drinking tea. Our brothers are gagged and hooded, they are made to sit in ‘stress positions’ for hours on end. They stripped naked and sexually abused. They are photographed whilst forced to re-enact disgusting sexual acts, the images are then released for the whole world to see. They are beaten and threatened for no crime whatsoever. Some just suddenly disappear to be tortured in ghost prisoners. No body knows where they are and nothing can be done.

Subhan’Allah the kuffar were treated like the queen compared to our brothers, yet have you seen their governments? Have you seen the way they condemn Iran? Have you seen how disgusted they are at the ‘torture’ they faced, at the breaking of the Geneva Conventions?

Where are our leaders? Aren’t they meant to be securing the release of our prisoners? Aren’t they meant to be mounting pressure on the filthy kuffar who hold our brothers in the prisons? Wait. I forgot our leader, the tawagheet who sit on their comfy thrones rather than trying to release our prisoner they are the ones who are incarcerating them. Rather than condemning the torture they are the ones who are carrying it out.

And us? Well, while thousands of our brothers are sat in prisons, wondering whether they will ever see their families again we sit in our comfy homes and do nothing, like we do best.



1. Dirk Gently - April 7, 2007

Many in the west also condemn Guantanamo, Abu Graiev etc….no torture is acceptable, regardless of who is being tortured.

This 15 were in internationally agreed Iraqi waters, however their UN legality status I doubt. As far as I know, the war in Iraq is against international law so any patrols as part of that are illegal too.

As far as outsiders interfering in other countries politics, ALL nations do this as par for the course. Iran have agents in Iraq stirring up trouble, just as the US and the UK have agents in other countries to try and subvert their own plans….it’s normal. That does not make it right.

What I don’t get is the media bullshit Iran are playing here. They claim to be gracious hosts who treated their prisoners with respect and that their appearances on Iranian TV were all volunteered and honest. The WORLD knows Iran among others use forced TV confessions as a standard practice.

Who are they playing for? The people of the region who refuse to look at the facts and believe what they are told regardless? Now the UK and Iran are both claiming that THEY were the honest party and that the OTHER side are lying. I ask this…..look at how Iranian people are treated by their government when they do not jump when told to……do you really think they’d suddenly change tactics for foreigners captured.

For me, this is not about sides, it’s about ego’s. Both sides want to be seen a the clear winner. To me Iran have shot themselves int he foot yet again in world opinion….while the UK have lost all credibility over Iraq.

2. _._ - April 9, 2007


>>This 15 were in internationally agreed Iraqi waters,

oh really, how do you know that.. oh wait… ofcourse your government told you this. And forgive my naievity but just a question, isnt this the same blair who told you that he had personally saw the “proofs” of wmd in iraq and its links with al-qaeda?

>>ALL nations do this as par for the course. Iran have agents in Iraq >>stirring up trouble

you say iran and i ask you about iraq, palestine, agfhanistan and their agents stirring trouble in u.k and u.s? and why stop there lets goto guatemala, nicaragua, cuba, africa ????
i know u r gonna say 9-11 right? but all the alleged hijackers were saudis. As the passport of one of the hijackers was found intact near the crash sites.

And really its iran that is stirring trouble in iraq?? really, how did you come to this brilliant conclusion.. oh wait… your government told you that,, didnt it? and the role of u.s and u.k is to “free the people” right.? damn these people who dont want to be freed by us. so lets just kill some seven hundred thousand people, so they may change their minds. and ofcourse its iran that is the trouble maker. we are just serving in the interest of iraqi people only.

>>What I don’t get is the media bullshit Iran are playing here.

as against to the truth portrayed by bbc, cnn, and ofcourse fox news?

>>They claim to be gracious hosts who treated their prisoners with >>respect and that their appearances on Iranian TV were all >>volunteered and honest. The WORLD knows Iran among others >>use forced TV confessions as a standard practice.

and ofcourse there are never been any forced confessions by the upholders of democracy namely u.s and u.k. Maybe i have a short memory, wasnt there some prisoners torcher .. uhh what was that name ahh yeh abu ghuraib, and numerous torture cells in east europe???? And ofcourse, serving tea , giving them gifts, and letting them write letters to thier loved ones is the most brutal form of torture as opposed to apply electric shocks to genetals, raping muslim women, and letting dogs on them? right?
and the WORLD knows this as a fact, just as the WORLD knew that there are wmd in iraq and the 9/11 hoax (the treatment of their own people????). right?

>>look at how Iranian people are treated by their government when they do not jump when told to

really? what do you know about the treatment of these people. remember the media bullshit that you pointed to?
i cant help but remember the nurse trial in u.s congress before the kuwait war. yeh look it up..
what do u actually know of these people? please enlighten us.

and naturally u.s and u.k have the whole world to kill, rape and torture and thats alright as long as its not done to their own people?

by the way dirk. how old are you? im guessing late teens, right?

and to my dearest sis,
my heart really cries at the condition of our brothers and sisters and the insensitivity of the muhakim of muslim countries. I almost vomitted out of disgust when the amir of qatar embraced that murderer shamon perez of sabra and shatila and welcomed him in his palace. And the way the qatary youth clapped for him in the doha debate. Are we deaf to the screams and smell of the burning corps of Abeera. Raped, her family killed and then burned by american soldiers.
Its so frustrating to not be able to do something. The muslim puppets who are the rulers of our countries are showing a great dance to the tunes of kuffar. I’m just at a lost as to what to do? but pray and invoke Allah’s wrath on the oppressors and their helpers.

Imam Ahmad was prisoned and one day the guard who brought food for him asked “Am I the helper of the oppressors that is referenced in the Quran and about their end?” Imam Ahmad said
“No, ofcourse not, you are one of the oppressors”

May Allah rid us of these taghoots ruling the muslim lands. ameen

I dont blame the kuffar, its their job to oppress. Its their goal to kill, torture and rape. Its us who have given them this chance. We as muslim ummah deviated away from the Rope of Allah and look where it has brought us. May our ummah and especially the youth realize the pit that is filled with stones and men and most of us are heading staright for it. May Allah save us and give us the strength to fight the oppression and free our brothers and sisters from the prisons of tyrants.

May Allah increase your emaan dear sister and make you among the ones under the shade of His throne

3. Dirk Gently - April 9, 2007

You assume I believe everything my govt or media tells me. I do not. You assume I take sides with them because they are my govt or media. I do not. You assume I agree with the war in Iraq. I do not. You assume a lot. There is bullshit going on on ALL sides. No-one comes out looking reasonable if we want to look objectively.

Bush’s policies are terrible, they cause more trouble and solve little if anything. Blair was a deluded fool for going along with it.

Apparently the water in question changes with the tides, although I can’t get my head around how this works. On this score though, yes I do believe out media and govt. Like I said, I debate whether they should be in Iraq legally in the first place…..but if that’s been “legalized” by the UN after the fact, then they were legal.

Fox News does not deserve the title “news”; it’s a voice for the more insane rantings of the Bush junta.

I never believed there were any WMD still in working condition in Iraq….all they needed to do was check the sales receipts and tally off those that Sadaam used to find that out.

All the actions of the US govt in regards to Guantanamo Bay, Abu Greiv etc I AGREE WITH YOU. This is WRONG, it should not happen. It’s worth pointing out that the torture the US are apparently using there pails in comparison to what Sadaam did when he was in charge of Iraq….but this in NO WAY diminishes the fact that the US are torturing people. Accepting a lower level is NOT an option….it is still torture.

Both the US and the UK unfortunately have a long history of thinking they are above the rest of the world. They have set things in motion which still resonate today. I do NOT share my governments arrogance on this. A large part of where you’re coming from, I agree with……I stop short of total agreement since you seem unwilling to be objective.

4. Muhajirah - April 10, 2007

to dirk,

Many of the West do condemn torture, true. But it is different when one of urs is being ‘tortured’ and you know it. But I guess that’s just another one of your double standards.

You seemed very shocked about the way Iran have played all this. Why? EVERY government in the world uses propaganda, most of all the US and UK… (Their speeches at the UN declaring Saddam had WMD’s and that the world security was at threat were classic). Of course they are going to use this situation to their advantage, just like the UK has, allowing the soldiers to sell their stories.

to _._

As Salaamu Alaikum

Jazaak Allah Khaire for your comment.

I agree, I don’t think the kuffar are to blame. If we were the Ummah we once were none of this would be happening. Subhan’Allah we have become so feeble its no surprise that our lands are attacked and our people killed. We need to start fearing Allah rather than the kuffar. We need to start remembering death rather than running after the fleeting dunya. We need to realise this Ummah is ONE. What happens in Iraq, Palestine, Kashimir is not an Iraqi, Palestinian or Kashmiri problem but a Muslim one. But the sad fact is that we’ve all become so idle. We don’t care anymore.

In a way we could take a leaf out of the kuffars book. See thier reaction to this situation. That should be us. Wasnt it Umar bin ‘Abdul Aziz (?) who said that even if u have to empty the bait al maal to pay ransom for a single muslim prisoner you should? [unsure]

May Allah better our conditions and ameen to ur adiyah

5. mariannauke - April 14, 2007

k, so im not a Muslim, but im totally with you, its absurd the uproar Americans and British raise about the “conditions” of their soldiers.everytime i see a picture of an American or British solider on CNN and the accompanying sob story, usually along the lines of it being unfair (has anybody noticed how they make it seem like the person was totally innocent?!), and that they have been killed, that his family, and mother, and baby and so on and so forth-that is major nonsense and it annoys me to no bounds.dont all the iraqis have families and children? dont they have people that miss and love them?

their point being? what about all the iranian, iraqui people, im not saying soldiers alone here, the people? they kill them in thousands, and are proud of that fact, didnt these people have families? argh, its the hypocrisy of it that annoys me.just imagine them being held hostage, and they complain about “conditions?” puhleeze, it shouldnt even be said that anybody was held hostage, there are people, and, probably them included, that LIVE in worse conditions…so whats the complain about??

the problem, and what is really sad about it is that, they really do see themselves as superior, to “ethnic” people, arabs, and they are MAJORLY prejudiced against muslims (this is sad), so they probably don’t even think of the conditions of these people, how they are held and routinely tortured, it has no value to them..ah ok, so ive let of some steam, no doubt this did not flow well, but i hope somebody understood my point, and my outrage at the hypocrisy and injustice

ps.everybody that has commented seems to be muslim and knows all these things to say..i dont :( i feel so left out! much respect though!

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