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Insanity of the Sane April 13, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Random Musings.

As Salaamu ‘Alaikum

I swear this tagging business is spreading around the blogosphere like wildfire. Almost all the blogs I visit are at it. Anyhoo because I’m a comformist (well actually Traveller tagged me) I share with you 10 weird things about me:

1. Cats. I hate cats. They scare me and they are evil and they probably have fleas and they clean their fur by licking it (I mean who does that!!??) Saying that, there is a house at the bottom of my street and a cat is always sat at the window or outside on the step. Each time I walk past it I give it salaam and if I’m feeling especially wacky I say ‘alright billy’ (bill-lee = Urdu work for cat)

2. I am obsessed with Arabic! I go on at everyone in my broken Arabic all the time. My favourite word is yallah, which I use way too much, even when it doesn’t make sense to say it. I used to watch Abu Dhabi channel trying to pick up a bit of arabic, but some on the stuff on there was too dodgy for my liking (I thought paki ‘dramas’ were bad!) so I switched over to Arabic al Jazeera.. I would sit there and make out I was totally engrossed in what they were saying, when really I didn’t have a clue.

3. I secretly like the welsh accent. (It’s pretty cool ok!)

4. I have a phobia of rats and mice. I can’t even stand to look at a picture of them. They disgust me. I once discovered a mouse in me house after which I couldn’t sleep. I would lie awake imagining it scuttering up the stairs making its way to my room to attack me. When I did fall asleep I would have nightmares about it.

5. I was once stood on my chair (I am sure that I had a logical reason to be standing on my chair) and I realised that it was quite refreshing to look at my room from a different perspective, so I remained standing there for about five minutes. I later did the same thing in the kitchen.

6. I once made up a list of all the careers I ever wanted to go into. It included; a hacker, a conspiracy theorist and most recently a teacher (I hate kids!)

7. After studying a bit of psychology, I fancied myself as the next Freud and so I would analyse people on the bus. It’s amazing how much you can find out about a person just by observing what they are wearing, carrying etc. Who cares if what you conclude about the person is correct or not, at least it makes tedious bus journeys interesting!

8. I have a collection of videos and recordings of my nephews and nieces making complete fools of themselves on my phone. (like my nephew boasting he’s the flabbiest person in the world – he thought flab meant muscles and I didn’t bother correcting him). I plan to keep them if ever I need to blackmail them in the future.

9. I talk to myself! I think to myself which isn’t so weird because talking to oneself is the first sign of madness, whereas thinking isn’t and that’s why I can admit that I have whole conversations with myself in my head.

10. I used to be a feminist. Not a hardcore weirdo one though. Now I think all feminists need to be knocked out. I also was a bit of a socialist and thought that Lenin was a pretty cool guy… I won’t say what I think of him now.

Ahh the end is in sight. Before I go tho, I tag the following people: Umm HAY, Umm Shurabeel and fromKarachi. Not quite six people but thats it cos (a) everyone else has been tagged and (b) I’m a loner and don’t have any friends.

Your mission (if you choose to accept) is:


People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!






1. Traveller - April 14, 2007

LOL, good to know someone else does #6, #7 and #9, too! ;)

and I can relate to #8 and #6 aswell.

and the welsh accents just weird :P

as salaamu ‘alaykum!

2. Umm Khawla - April 18, 2007

wa`alaykum assalaam wa rahmatullaah,

Lol @ #4. I can’t stand mice either. Eugh! Once, when i was sitting with my brother in the basement, a tiny mouse crawled up from the couch across to my shoulder! Oh man, even just thinking about it now makes me shudder!

3. Suleman - April 21, 2007

Good you’re still updated, I’ll update the bookmark in my reader.

4. Suleman - April 21, 2007

*still updating.

5. Muhajirah - April 23, 2007

Traveller, welsh accents rock =P

Umm Khawla, ahlan wa sahlan to my blog =)
Ur mouse experience is gonna give me nightmares O_o

Suleman, as salaamu alaikum

6. Witness - April 25, 2007

Hehe sis, cute list! Masha Allah.

However (mega cat fan here), if you changed the way you feel about cats- then it could quite easily solve the rodent issues!

Come over to my side, you’ll soon realise how amazing cats are insha Allah!


7. anonymous - June 11, 2007

*- I went for Hajj last year and never touched the Ka’ba. I stayed for about 10 days in Haram made tawwaf multiples times every day, but never got the courage to touch the ka’ba.

*- Since my childhood i loved the feeling of falling down. I used to jump from the first floor of an under construction building near our house onto a big pile of sand. I once pushed our next door neighbor’s kid down from there. She was such a wuss, so i pushed her down so that she could enjoy the feeling. Her back healed within a week though. She got pretty upset when i went to see her and the first thing i asked “did you enjoy it”, i was quite disappointed when she started screaming at me.

*- On my first skydive jump, i prayed that the parachute wouldnt open. Then i became afraid that Allah would write this down as a wish for suicide, but honestly it wasnt. I was quite disappointed when it did open. I jump up and down when alone in elevators, maybe the cable will snap. There is this kid in my apartment building, we both jump up and down together when alone. We both get a kick out of it. We exchange knowing smiles at each other whenever we cross paths and not alone in the elevator. Once he tried jumping when there was this old arab lady in the elevator and she scolded him so hard. I couldnt stop snickering and then she scolded me too. And this kid started laughing hysterically. The old lady was not happy and called me a “childish imbecile”

*- I was assaulted four times at different ages from 6-18. Three of them were men and one was a girl four years senior to me in school. I got away from the men by kicking, biting and cussing, but couldnt from the girl. Her friend used to stand guard by the door. I never told this to anyone untill today. I sometimes think that maybe i allowed her to do that, it makes me feel dirty and disgusted and i know Allah is not gonna forgive me for this.

*- I dislike all people, men and women, almost bordering on hatred, but i know that a muslim is not supposed to hate. I smile at people trying to follow the sunnah and be nice and helpful to everyone but in my heart i never feel the compassion. I think its because of the above mentioned incidents.

*- I am genuinely afraid of women. Either its because of my mother or because of the girl mentioned above from my school. I just think that they are manipulative, selfish and destroyers of peace. I know that its not true because i’ve read about Khadijah and Ayesha and Khawla and Saffiyah and Asma and Fatima (may Allah be pleased with them all) but i just cant get over my fear.

*- There was this very proud and mean boy that we used to play with. One day he was standing on top of a manhole, jumping up and down screaming something, and i wished that the cover of the manhole would break and he would fall down and bam! thats exactly what happened. He fell into the manhole and was covered head to toe in ……. I ran away tears flowing down my eyes as i was laughing so hard.
We started calling him names after that and he used to say “what are you calling me?” and we would say “Winny the pooh” coz you are so cute.
We actually used to say “winny the poop”. I still think about it and laugh out aloud.

*- I have this very strong fear that everyone is going to be forgiven except me. I see men and women involved in all sorts of haram and i cant stop myself thinking that they are going to do some good deed, and because of that Allah is going to forgive them, and i will have no good deeds on the Day and i will open up my palm and there will be nothing in it to show to the Almighty. The fear grows strong with each passing day

*- I tell my best friend that i will never leave him, even when some day i’ll make friends with a real, living person. He doesnt believe me. I think its causing a rift between us.

*- I ran away from home when i was 16-17. I took all my certificates with me to find a job. Went to another city. Worked at a bakery and a tyre shop as well for a couple of days. They never paid me. I had no money and just wanted to go back home. I went to a restaurant to get some work and a kind man there gave me enough money to buy a bus ticket back home. I got back home after 3 days and no one ever talked about it. I still have the bus ticket with me. I wich i can use it again and again.

*- On Eid day, we used to get money from all the elders and it was quite an amount. My cousins used to take the money and tear a part of the bills and tell me that “look its not strong enough, its gonna tear away, take this coin instead, it is strong and doesnt break” so i used to exchange all my bills with the coins. I used to think that they are so cool, taking care of me. Those rascals!

I have absolutely no idea why i’m posting this on someone else’s blog. Everyone was tagging each other so i just tagged myself. Yeh pretty lame, i know. Maybe you wanna delete this.

8. umm salahuddin - January 26, 2008


this whole tagging buisness is not a good idea and disclosing so much about yourself ask yourself look towards the quran and the sunnah and see weither this is allowed all our actions should be accoreding to the shariah and if not we should strive to do so inshaa allah.

free mixing is somethething in islam which is known by neccessity to be haram

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