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Ach-choo! May 14, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Random Musings, Uni.

As salaamu ‘alaikum

Insha’Allah you are in the best of health and iman

So I’ve just had an exam. I’m ill, my nose won’t stop running, I feel exhausted and I left one hour early …you guess how well it went.

I always seem to be ill during exam time. I can’t remember a time that I have not gone into an exam without a taking a pile of tissues with me. Actually I do, I didn’t take tissues into an exam when I was sitting one of my gcse papers…. I spent the whole time sniffing and sniffing and sniffing. The teachers didn’t even take pity on me and get me a tissue!

Please make dua that I get better as I have two more exams this week. Need energy to revise since I don’t have a clue about both of them.

Jazaakum’Allah khaire.



1. mcpagal - May 17, 2007


I have loads of sympathy for you – exams are bad enough when you’re feeling healthy, never mind when you have a cold :(

Inshallah Allah grants you success and shifa! You could try my mum’s tip of eating almonds while you’re studying.. not sure if it’s meant to be for your health or your concentration but never mind, almonds are nice.

2. Muhajirah - May 17, 2007

wa alaikum as salaam

jazaak Allah khaire for the much needed dua. Alhamdulillah im getting better =)

Almonds are good for memory methinks… i need something for motivation.

3. amatullah51 - May 18, 2007

Assalaamu’alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh ukhty

mashaAllah you are still managing to post up despite exams and cold too!!

I have few exams left my self, I am up revising 6 in the morning but thought I would give myself a break and check out what bloggers are saying.

Almonds are for memory, as for motivation: remember everything you do must be for the sake of Allah ‘azza wa jall otherwise it will be rejected on Yaum Al Qiyamah, as Muslims we should have ihsan in everything we do, if we become negligent with one aspect it can have knock on effect on other things you do, even though we may have reasons ‘give excuses a black eye’ (Almaghrib insitute slogan lol!) and aim to shine out bright fee sabeelillah regardless of obstacles and that is the true success.

may Allah make your exams easy on you and grant you success and give you shifa’ ameen. keep me in your ‘adiyaat.


4. Muhajirah - May 18, 2007

wa alaikum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Yeh, when im ill i cant rest and i cant revise + im an expert procrastinator…

Subhan’Allah ur revising at 6 in the morning, thats what i call discipline. May Allah make it easy for you and grant you success in both the deen and dunya.

Jazaak Allah khaire for the advice, may Allah reward u abundantly for it and ameen to ur dua’s.

5. Sumera - May 20, 2007

Hope your exam went well Insh’Allah :D

6. Muhajirah - May 22, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

Jazaak Allah khaire…

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