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Bankruptcy… June 10, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Hadith, Hereafter, Islam, Reflections.

Abu Hurayrah relates in Sahih Muslim:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) asked us: “Do you know who is bankrupt?”

We replied: “The one among us who is bankrupt is someone who has neither gold nor silver nor any provision.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) then said: “Among my people, the one who is bankrupt is the one who – after praying, fasting, and paying charity – arrives on the Day of Judgment having cursed one person and slandered another, assaulted another, and misappropriated the wealth of someone else. Then those people will be given of his good deeds, and if his good deeds run out before redress is made, then some of their sins will be taken from them and put upon him. Then he will be cast into Hell.”




1. mcpagal - June 11, 2007

This is so scary :(

Jazakallah for the reminder though.

2. mortalmuslim - June 13, 2007

mashallah! May allah prevent us frm being bankrupt! ameen!

3. Muhajirah - June 14, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

mcpagal, wa iyaak

mortal muslim, ameen to the dua

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