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The Benefits of Remembering Death July 21, 2007

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Ata’ Ibn Raba’ said that there are three benefits of remembering death:

You would hasten to repentance: If you are always thinking about death, you are thinking about the akhirah and you would prepare for it and repent to Allah.

Content with a little: You would be satisfied with whatever Allah has given you, no matter how little. This is because you know this dunya is a temporary residence and so it is not of much concern to you.

You will not fight and compete with the people of this world over this world: And this would cause you to have tranquillity in the heart, because what makes people anxious is competing over material things, as this world is small and our desires are big. The Prophet (saw) said, “If the son of Adam had a valley of gold he would ask for another one and nothing would please him, except dirt (qabr) which terminates all his desires”

Taken from the Hereafter lecture series by Anwar al Awlaki (May Allah hasten his release)


The Heinz Dilemma: Morality Test July 15, 2007

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A woman was near death from a special kind of cancer. There was one drug that the doctors thought might save her. It was a form of radium that a druggist in the same town had recently discovered. The drug was expensive to make, but the druggist was charging ten times what the drug cost him to produce. He paid $200 for the radium and charged $2,000 for a small dose of the drug. The sick woman’s husband, Heinz, went to everyone he knew to borrow the money, but he could only get together about $ 1,000 which is half of what it cost. He told the druggist that his wife was dying and asked him to sell it cheaper or let him pay later. But the druggist said: “No, I discovered the drug and I’m going to make money from it.” So Heinz got desperate and broke into the man’s store to steal the drug for his wife.

Should Heinz have broken into the laboratory to steal the drug for his wife? Why or why not?

After you’ve answered the question read the stages of morality according to a dude called Kohlberg and then see what stage ur at

The Destroyer of Pleasures July 5, 2007

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Think O’ you who are deceived by this world, of death and its agonies, how difficult and bitter a cup it is. What a true promise death is! How fair a judge it is! Death is enough to fill the heart with fear and the eyes with tears, to separate people, destroy pleasure and put an end to all worldly hopes.

Have you given any thought, O’ son of Adam, to the day when you will die and will be taken out of your place? When you will move from the spaciousness (of this world) to the confines (of the grave), when friends and loved ones will let you down, and brothers and friends will desert you? When you will be taken from your bed and placed in a hole in the ground, and instead of a soft blanket you will be covered with dust and earth? O’ gatherer of wealth, O’ industrious builder, by Allah you will have nothing left of your possessions except shrouds, and even they will be destroyed and will vanish as your body disintegrates and turns to dust.

Where is the wealth that you amassed? Will it save you from these terrors? No indeed, you have left it behind for those who will not praise you, and you have come with your burdens (of sin) to the one Who will not excuse you.

Tadhkirat al Qurtubi, p.9

Taken from The Minor Resurrection by ‘Umar S. al Ashqar