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Toothache :'( August 21, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General.

I’m in constant pain. All the time, even at night I get woken up because of the excruciating pain! Every time I eat it hurts, I can’t even have a glass of water without it stinging in pain.

Mr Dentist Man at my local dentist had to take an x-ray before he could tell whether or not it needs taking out, which of course it does. If only he’d asked, I could have told him that! But the dude didn’t put me out of my misery he just referred me to someone else

So months later and after putting up with extreme pain, I finally get seen by Mr Dentist Man at the Dental Hospital. More x-rays and general time-wasting, only to be told again that it needs pulling out… well yeh that’s why I’m here you fool!

He looks at me as though I’d be upset about it having to get pulled out.

“Well we’re at the end of the road, can’t do anything else I’m afraid. It’s gonna have to go…”


Then he said something about risk due to nerves and cutting of bones, which if I wasn’t in constant pain would have made me run a mile, but it’s come to the point where I couldn’t care less. Just pull the damn tooth out will ya!



1. Samaa' - August 27, 2007

aww may allah cure you ameen.
let us know when they actually FINALLY do get around to pullin’ it out =P

2. Muhajirah - August 29, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

…not for a couple of months yet =(

Jazaak Allah khaire for the dua (very much needed!)

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