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So yeh, i’m back =( October 24, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General.

As salaamu Alaikum

Insha’Allah you are all in the best of health and Imaan

I hope that you all have had a beneficial Ramadan. I checked around a couple of blogs, which haven’t really been updated for a while so I’m guessing that you guys spent it well. =)

A belated Eid greetings to you all, taqabal’Allahu minna wa minkum. Hope it went well and that you didn’t over do it with the food.

My Ramadan and Eid went amazing, especially since I spent it here:




Only been back a few days. Just thinking that I was there, performed ‘umrah, did tawaf… me in the two holy cities in the month of Ramadan, well it just blows me away. I can’t thank Allah enough, for such a life changing experience.

I probably won’t be updating for a while, as I have so much to catch up on (sooo behind with uni work!), but once I get some time, I plan on writing about my trip insha’Allah.