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So yeh, i’m back =( October 24, 2007

Posted by Muhajirah in General.

As salaamu Alaikum

Insha’Allah you are all in the best of health and Imaan

I hope that you all have had a beneficial Ramadan. I checked around a couple of blogs, which haven’t really been updated for a while so I’m guessing that you guys spent it well. =)

A belated Eid greetings to you all, taqabal’Allahu minna wa minkum. Hope it went well and that you didn’t over do it with the food.

My Ramadan and Eid went amazing, especially since I spent it here:




Only been back a few days. Just thinking that I was there, performed ‘umrah, did tawaf… me in the two holy cities in the month of Ramadan, well it just blows me away. I can’t thank Allah enough, for such a life changing experience.

I probably won’t be updating for a while, as I have so much to catch up on (sooo behind with uni work!), but once I get some time, I plan on writing about my trip insha’Allah.


1. void - October 24, 2007

okay i’m officially jealous of you, and im not kidding.

since i came back from haj last year every call to adhan and every prayer, beckons me back. I joined my new university in this kuffar land just a week before ramadhan and i sooo wanted to go back to that place where you are not you and your heart is not yours.

With every passing day at the two holy cities, you start losing a part of of your heart and a part of your soul. You leave your heart in the streets of madinah and leave your soul hanging around the cover
of kaaba.

And then it calls you back. Walking down the princess street to the class, suddenly a green tomb shimmers from somewhere and the golden threads of the cover of kaaba shine in your eyes. And its at this moment when your lost bits of heart from madinah and the pieces of your soul call you back. They call you back and you just cant do anything about it. Everything just blurs away and you could only wish if Allah calls you back. Will Allah accept from me. Does Allah care about me to call me back, Does Allah love me. Please ya rabbi make me love you and if i may ask You to love me back.
Haj is just around the corner again and I just wish if somehow i could go back. I just want it so bad that it makes me clinch my fists and curl my feet. Maybe Allah will…

You are truly blessed dear sister that you spent the blessed month there, where your heart is not yours and your soul escapes you.
may Allah accept from you, give you happiness and an imaan that fills your heart.
and do remember me in your prayers.

2. Traveller - October 25, 2007

wa ‘alaykum assalaaaaaam!

umrah mubarak! :D

3. Maryam - October 27, 2007

You spent your Ramadan in Mecca, WOW ….. ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dint get a chance to live for a whole month there though, but i have visited Mecca many times. I feel jealous of you …….. :-)

Belated Eid Mubark to you too.

4. Muhajirah - November 3, 2007

As salaamu alaikum

void: Subhan’Allah, that bought tears to my eyes. That is EXACTLY how i am feeling, but i couldnt have expressed it as beautifully as u… i miss that place sooo much =(

Jazaak Allah khaire for the dua’s, ameen wa iyaak.

Traveller: khaire mubarak, hope u had a good eid

Maryam: If you get a chance to go again then go in ramadan, its packed, crowded and you encounter alot of crazy people, but u cant beat it. The athmosphere is amazing!!

5. shawana khan - November 4, 2007

my names shawana and i jus came across ur blog through google and i was REALLY impressed iv never seen anything like it.i can relate to soooo much stuf u have on here.where r u from? i live in cardiff by the way,if u dont mind me asking wot r u studying in uni?and one last thing umrah mubarak. U R sooooo luky iv spent a ramadan there and i can never talk about the feelings i felt whilst i was there coz no1 understands but wen i read ur blog i was lyk WOW there r people lyk me lol.

6. Umm Mahdi-Rayyan - November 22, 2007

Asalaam wa alaikum,

Mabruk for your umrah may Allah accept it and bless us all with the opportunity for Haj and Umarah inshallah. I know this might sound dumb but please tell me your reasons for not agreeing with the GPU at London’s Excell center? I am in two minds about it. On one hand there is much good and on the other there are things I wouldn’t participate in eg the nasheed show and listening to such speakers as Jack Straw etc. Why they have him speaking and not Yvonne Ridley the mind boggles? Or does it? Please someone respond with your views as I was given a free ticket and can’t decide if it’s right or wrong to attend. Jazak Allah Khayr.

7. void - November 22, 2007

wayn intee ?

8. void - November 28, 2007

I’m sorry if the sis sane muhajirah agrees with me or not,

In my humble opinion, the reason that all muslims should avoid GPU is quite simple.
The golden rules of Islam is that
1 – anything that leads to haram is also haram.
2 – the path to righteousness can not lead from the wrong path
3 – The ends DO NOT justify the means

Hip hop fakes dancing on stage, sistahs screaming in the audience for their ‘heroes’. Its just disgusting to attach the name of islam to such an event.
Last year someone told me that the Muaddhin of Haram was sitting alone in the prayer hall at the time of isha, and no one came for prayers because some band was performing and they decided to continue the music instead of prayers.
Just tell me something, at the time of Prophet (pbuh) no one loved music, women and wine more than the pagan arabs.
Did the Propeht (pbuh), Abu bakr and Umar and all the other companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) form a band to sing and do dawah?
The most common excuse that i hear from the organizers is that “we know its not good, but what can we do, no one comes if its just a simple talk”. So its actually the fault of the british muslims who demand such events.
I know about Dr. Philips never comes to this event for exactly this reason. Cant say much about yusuf Islam and Yasir Qadhi Although i know that they sometimes publicly denounce the music and the administration and come just before their talk and leave.
Then the atmosphere of the event has become more like a fun fair recently. There is open mixing of men and women. Men sitting in women’s section and vice versa. I dont have to go into details of our british muslims youth wearing a hijab and having a beard and going on a ‘date’ and such events are a perfect venue. I think we are all very aware of that.

To me this event seems more like unity to western ways than unity to islam. JIMAS i think is better in that way, will see this year how that goes.

If you can imagine the Propeht(pbuh), Abu Bakr and Umar singing in a band, with Ayesha, Fatima, Umm salama, khawla and nusayba (may Allah be pleased with them all) cheering them and jumping up and down in a free mixing fun fair, then go ahead.
BUT if you can not, then you know there is something wrong.

May Allah save us from from the fitna of this life.

I just want to get over with this life as quickly as possible, the longer i stay the more numb i become.

9. Muhajirah - December 1, 2007

as salaamu alaikum

shawana: jazaak Allah khaire for you kind words.

Umm Mahdi-Rayyan:

Firstly ameen to your duas.

Sorry for the late reply. I understand the event is now over but I’ll give my take on the matter.

I pretty much agree with what void says. Actually I totally agree..

I saw clips from the event, this yr and last and can I say wasn’t impressed. Seems like it gets worse every year.

1) They have MP’s coming and congratulating them for hosting such an event. When kuffar are happy with u, u got to be doing something wrong :)

Some MP’s may be sincere (I doubt it!) but there are others, who support spying on Muslims, and anti terror laws directed at Muslims and then they come and give a talk about British muslims and all that crap. We don’t need to learn from the kuffar how to live our lives

2) This yr all the clips I saw of the event were of a bunch of guys singing. Musical instruments and whatnot. All haram as far as I am concerned.

3) The atmosphere was very concert like. Sisters screaming and shouting, waving their hands to the music, takbeering as though that makes it halal. Sorry but if during eid, sisters are meant to say the tasbih quietly (and this is the dhikr of Allah) than how can u justify sisters screaming out really loud even if it is Allahu Akbar or As salaamu alaikum?

4) It’s an absolute waste of money and does nothing for unity. Spend your day doing something more productive than sitting in a massive crowd, free mixing, sisters non covered properly, listening to ‘nasheeds’ that are haram

And like void say, can u for one second imagine the prophet going to such an event? NO! In fact I am pretty sure if the prophet was here now he would condemn such an event.

And with regards to people like Yasir Qadhi going, I know for sure that people like him don’t agree with the event as a whole, but only go for da’wah. They have a massive audience and maybe can make a difference…

Allahu Alam

Wa alaikum as salaam

10. mcpagal - January 16, 2008

(Belated) Umra mubarak!

11. Muhajirah - January 17, 2008


12. Zafreen Hussain - April 21, 2008


I have just come across this website, it must have been Allah answering my duas to reawaken my memories of time spent in Hajj 2007. The details written about the soul being left around the Kaaba, and the golden threads shining in the eyes is absolutely beautiful. I could never have summed it up more beautifully. May Allah reward the brother/sister who wrote about the memories so passionately. It is exactly how I feel and felt when I went back there, and how my heart longs for it now. Truly, the heart and soul remain in the blessed lands of Makkah and Medinah. SubhanAllah!

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