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A Muslim Needs to Reflect… January 1, 2008

Posted by Muhajirah in Audio and Media, General.


1. void - January 2, 2008

Salams sis,
After hearing anwar awlaki via your post, i sent this new year message to my friends and family. Thanks for the inspiration. May Allah bless you.

“Happy New Year !!!!”, people screamed in the streets. Their words, a mere slur of phrases under the influence of the alcohol.
Thousands of people dancing along with the rhythm of music, engaging in lascivious enjoyment, bathing in alcohol, welcomed the new year.
Just another night out, just another year gone.

Is this the way we welcome the new year? How is that we can be so happy at the passing of time that slipped through our hands?

When the “Day of Regret” will reach us, each one of us will recall as little as a single minute of our lives and nothing will overcome us but regret.
That day most of the people would have nothing but regret on their faces. And they would wish if they had spent that minute in Allah’s remembrance.
They say time is money, its not, rather time is life. A life not in this world but a life in the hereafter.
We are in a fair trade with the most Just Ruler. We are here to sell our time, wealth, children and our very selves to Allah in exchange for His Mercy and forgiveness on the Day of Regret. So let each one of us choose whatever he wants to buy.

“Surely Allah has bought of the believers their persons and their property for this, that they shall have the garden; they fight in Allah’s way, so they slay and are slain; a promise which is binding on Him in the Taurat and the Injeel and the Quran; and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? Rejoice therefore in the pledge which you have made; and that is the mighty achievement. ” (at-Tawba: 111)

The new year brings hopes, inspirations and resolve to change our lives. We plan and look forward to a fresh start. What are your hopes and plans?

Umar Ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) said:
“Hold yourself accountable before you are held accountable and weigh your deeds before they are weighed for you.”

Let’s judge our own selves and weigh our intentions and actions. Let us look back at the past year and see how much did we strive to get close to Allah. Let us evaluate our prayers and mark our concentration. Let us look into our hearts and count the black marks. Let’s look back and calculate all the lost minutes.

And then let’s make a plan for the next year. Let’s arm ourselves to defeat the traps of our desires and the devil. Let’s start learning what Allah requires from us.
Let’s prepare ourselves to meet Him. Let’s inspire ourselves to stand by our oppressed brothers and sisters. Let’s choose what we want to buy from Allah.

“O mankind! Keep your duty to your Lord and fear a Day when the parent will not be able to avail the child in aught, nor the child to avail the parent. Surely! Allah’s promise is the very truth. Let not the life of the world beguile you, nor let the deceiver beguile you, in regard to Allah.” (Al-Luqman: 33)

Let’s start a new year.

2. Muhajirah - January 2, 2008

as salaamu alaikum

Beautiful reminder, jazaakAllah khaire for sharing, …

you know you have a way with words, you should start a blog =)

3. void - January 4, 2008

thanks sister.
Yeh i’ve been thinking about starting a blog, but most of the times i dont have much to say :)
Hope everything is going well with you.

4. chameleon47 - February 4, 2008

subhanAllah, its just amazing to listen to imam anwar. putting the love of your deen deep down into your heart……….may Allah protect such scholars.

jazakAllah khair for the comment (Void)

wassalaam wr wb

5. TSO - March 7, 2008

Jazakallahu khayr sis, I needed to hear this.

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