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The thing is, I never learn… January 7, 2008

Posted by Muhajirah in General, Random Musings, Uni.

Firstly, can I just say that Wikipedia rocks! Like i’m wondering if they had students in mind when they made it…

I’m also wondering if sticking a massive long bibliography – half of the books of which I didn’t even read or use, but have included them to make it look like I have- at the end of the my essay to add to my very lacking word count is a good idea.

I’m also trying to think of other ways to increase my word count. So far I have:

Ignored the fact that I have 3,000 word essay in for tomorrow, hoping that it’ll get written itself.

When I realised that wasn’t going to work I resorted to

Making stuff up

Blagging, until I can blag no more

Un-abbreviated all abbreviated words.

Any other suggestions? Cos i’m really struggling (can you tell?)



1. Suleman - January 8, 2008

wouldn’t that be cheating, mentioning book references u haven’t even looked at ?

Plus, why do they have this system that you must make it 4000 words? The only real way to stretching it would be to add another subtopic and explain/describe it attributes

2. asqfish - January 8, 2008

One way to write a 3000 word essay is to first turn off all distractions, close your eyes and think of the subject for the essay, put yourself in that time, subject or space and then run with your imagination.
You will be amazed how thoughts flow if you release them from the fetters of distractions, and bonds of rules.
Once you have written what flowed out, you can fill in the references, biblio, etc.
May Allah help you and guide you.
PS It also helps to tackle the challenging subject on time rather than leave them for the last moment.

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