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Pensiveness February 25, 2008

Posted by Muhajirah in Random Musings, Reflections.

I’m really bored at the moment. I could go to sleep or do some work, but I think I’ll remain bored for a while longer.

Its ages since I blogged, and the only reason I’m blogging now is cos I’m bored.

Just watched a programme about this sex change sickness that’s going on in Iran. I was horrified!

I was listening to some Qur’an earlier (surat al-Munafiqun, recited by Sh. Mahir al-Mu’ayqali). I understood a couple of ayaat and it really hit me! Reading the translation is absolutely nothing compared to understanding the arabic. It just affects you in a different way.

I hate people who can speak arabic but are arrogant about it and/or don’t realise how blessed they are.

I miss Makkah

…I miss Medina more.

Sometimes when I’m listening to Sh. Mu’ayqali’s recitation I can almost imagine myself back there. I just close my eyes and picture it in my head. It makes me feel better, at least until I open my eyes again.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and it’s really hard not to feel angry/bitter/resentful about it, but you just have to put your trust in Allah and accept it.

I wanna do so many things in my life but none of them seem possible.. I should either be more realistic, or find the courage to realise my dreams.

Something that cheers me up is being around good people. Thing is there’s not many of them around.

Today someone made my day by making dua that Allah grants me a 1st (though i would have much preferred it if they asked Allah to grant me Jannah).

I should tell my friends how much they mean to me but I don’t.

I should thank Allah more as well, but I don’t…


1. Abdul. - February 28, 2008

Yeh bad things do happen to good people sometimes. But we dont know the reason why, maybe its for a higher purpose. Who knows! Sometimes you get so tired of the daily fight and you want to realise your ambitions and dreams but like you say they dont seem possible.

At times like this i say, its best to take a rest, just do nothing and sit and ponder nd take stock. Then, when ur ready get back and fight and try and realise your ambitions and all the things you want to do in life.

We all need to take a breather!

2. Muhabah - April 14, 2008

Asalamu alaikum wa RahamatuLaahi wa barakatu,

JazakhAllaah khayran, just for making me realize things that you have realized.

3. iv been named stephen - April 17, 2008

i dont know what im about to say its to do with islam and muslims and christians a nd me and soldiers a nd the children us people i feel i know nothing of any concern so i stay where i am i want more …life can we all do something great for the people…am i wrong .. am i right …idont know its exausting what shall i do .. why am i here ..is there no reason is it all just a bunch of matter i can be happy a lot is this the best thing …what is real i think its hard here but i am frequently amazed ill drink soon and mayby smoke its not enough love is really brilliant it comes and goes i dont think this way when i have love running through me ..then i feel… as if iv passed something then it all comes round again without fail i know i am lucky do i believe in god is this my reason i dont know im not afraid im keen and im patient im a wreck inside at times i think i should believe in myself i will .

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