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Let no man be beguiled by the sweetness of a pleasant life… July 7, 2008

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Everything declines after reaching perfection, therefore let no man be beguiled by the sweetness of a pleasant life.

As you have observed, these are the decrees that are inconstant: he whom a single moment has made happy, has been harmed by many other moments

And this is the abode that will show pity for no man, nor will any condition remain in its state for it.

The above is a few lines from the poem Ritha Ashbiliyyah, which can be read here. Quite profound…


Laysal Ghareeb May 5, 2007

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As Salaamu ‘Alaikum

Just came across one of the most profound poems I have ever read! Subhan’Allah it’s amazing. I had to rely on the translation, if only I understood the real thing…

You can listen to it here and read the Arabic version from here (since I am having difficulties formatting the arabic in this post)


The Stranger Is Not..


1) The stranger is not the stranger to Yemen or Shaam

But the stranger is the stranger to the grave and the coffin


2) Verily the stranger has rights for his absence

Over the residents of the dwellings & homelands.


3) Don’t chase away the outlander in his state of unfamiliarity

For time is also chasing him with hardship & distress


4) My travels are far and my provisions will not suffice me

My strength has weakened and death is calling unto me.


5) I still have sins which I know not of

Allah knows of them; those made in secret & in manifest


6) How merciful has Allah been to me by giving me respite

And I have increased in sins but Allah has always shielded me


7) The hours of my days pass by without regret

No crying, no fear, no sadness


8) I am the one who closes the doors with fatigue

on disobedience, & The Eye of Allah watches over me..


9) O’ that which was written in a moment of heedlessness

O’ the sorrow which remains in my heart is burning me.


10) Leave me to bewail myself and weep

and pass the time in sadness and remembrance.


11) Leave off your Blaming of me O’ Ye who do so..

If you were but to know my situation you would have excused me..


12) Let me cry out tears that have no ending to them

for there will be no lesson that will set me free


13)It is As though I am with that family, laying..

Upon the mattress with their hands turning me over.


14) And they came to me with a doctor that he may cure me..

But of today I think not that medicine will benefit me..


15) My sufferings increased and death began to pull at me ..

From every vein, without ease or comfort..



16) My soul was then removed from me with a gurgle..

And my saliva became bitter at that point..


17) They then shut my eyes and left me…

after a long moment of despair,…. they hurried to the purchase of the shroud


18) And he who was dearest to me got up in a hurry..

To summon the person who was to wash me..


19) He said: O’ my people we have attained a Washer who is skillful, clever, bright & intelligent..


20)So then one of the men came and removed my clothing..

He undressed me and denuded me…


21) They then placed me on top of a board

And the sound of water above me began to clean me


22)He poured the water on top of me and washed me..

Three times, before calling out to the people for the Shroud..


23) They shrouded me in a sleeveless garment..

And my provisions became the embalmment in which they embalmed me


24. They Bore me towards my journey Out of this World, Oh How Sorrowful!!

Will be this journey for which I have no provisions to take along with me.


25. Upon their shoulders, they carried me, Four….

Men, and behind me are those who come to bid me farewell


26.They set me before the mihraab then turned away from me

Behind the Imaam they went and he prayed on me then bade me farewell


27. They prayed over me a prayer consisting of neither Rukoo’ nor Sujood

Asking that Allah may have Mercy upon me.


28. They lowered me into my grave slowly

And one of them came forward to place me in the Lahd


29 He raised the garment from my face to gaze upon me

And the tears spilt from his eyes awashing me


30 Then he stood, honoring me, firm and resolute

And lined the bricks on my body then left me


31. And he said “Throw the dirt upon him and reap

The great rewards from Ar-Rahmaan, The Most Gracious”


32. In the darkness of the grave, no mother is there nor,

Is there an affectionate father, or a brother to comfort me


33. Alone….The only inhabitant of the Grave Oh how Sorrowful!!

Am I on parting the world bearing no Deeds to provision me.


34. And a sight which beheld my eye struck terror into me.

From a place of terror it came and startled me..”


35. Munkar and Nakeer, what shall I say to them?

The thought of them strikes terror into me, it causes me fear


36. And they made me to sit and put forth their questions

I have none other Than You now O Lord to deliver me!!.


37. So bestow upon me from your Mercy O Lord, How I hope in You!!

For verily I am fettered in my sins, I am confined by them


38. The relatives have divided my wealth amongst them after leaving me.

And my sins are now upon my back, burdening me


39. My wife has taken another husband in my place

And she has appointed him as overseer over my wealth and my home


40. She has made my children into servants to bid unto her needs

And my wealth has become to them a worthless means of enjoyment


41. So let not this World and its adornments deceive you.

And look at its (evil) effects in your family and homeland


42. And look at the one who collects the wealth of this Dunya in abundance

Will he depart from this world bearing other than the death shroud and embalmment?


43. Take from the dunya that which suffices you and be contented with that

Even if you were to have naught but good health


44. O ye who sow good, you will reap the fruit of your efforts.

O ye who sow evil you will find yourselves overcome with grief


45. O soul of mine, abstain from sinning and attain instead

Deeds which are Beautiful, for which Allah may be merciful towards me


46. O soul of mine, Woe upon you! Turn towards your lord in Repentance, and do that which is good

So that you will be recompensed after your death with that which is delightful


47. Lastly sending prayers upon the Chosen one, Our Sayyid (leader)


48. All praise is unto Allah, May he fill our days and nights with that which is Good, with forgiveness

With Ihsaan and Grace.


Who…? April 1, 2007

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Who will hear our cries
Who will sacrifice for us their lives
Who will take away our fears
Who will wipe away our tears
Who will bring back our fathers, brothers and sons
Who will bring back our loved ones
Who will speak against the aggression
Who will put a stop to the oppression
Who will mend our broken hearts
Who will explain to our children
Why our lives have been torn apart
Who will open their eyes, hearts and minds
Who will speak against the abuse
Before we run out of time
Who will stop hiding in their homes
Who will join us
So we no longer walk alone

Written by the sister of a prisoner in HMP Belmarsh, UK.


Please remember the Muslim prisoner in your duas. May Allah (swt) hasten their release.

Take your provisions in this world… January 31, 2007

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تزود من الدنيا فإنك لا تدري ***** إذا جن ليل هل تعيش إلى الفجر

فكم من عروس زينوها لزوجها ***** وقد نسجت أكفانها وهي لا تدري

وكم من صغار يرتجى طول اعمارهم*****وقد ادخلت اجسادهم ظلمة القبر

وكم من سليم مات من غير علة ***** وكم من سقيم عاش حينا من الدهر

وكم من فتى يمسي ويصبح لاهيا ***** وقد نسجت أكفانه وهو لايدري

وكم من ساكن عند الصباح بقصره ***** وعند المسا قد كان من ساكن القبر

فكن مخلصا واعمل الخير دائما **** لعلك تحظى بالمثوبة والأجر

وداوم على تقوى الإله فإنها ***** أمان من الأهوال في موقف الحشر


Take your provisions in this world, for you know not,

If the night encompasses, shall you survive until dawn,

For how many brides were adorned for their husbands,

And her shroud was sown out for her, while she knew not

And how many of the young hoped for the longevity of their lives,

And their bodies entered the darkness of the grave,

And how many of the healthy died without illness,

And how many of the ill lived to a long appointed age,

And how many children slept and awoke with haste,

And their shroud was sown out for them, and they knew not,

And how many inhabitants of palaces in the morning,

Found themselves at night, inhabitants of graves,

So be of the sincere, oft-workers of righteousness,

Perhaps you shall be fortunate to reap bounty and reward,

And be constantly vigilant upon consciousness of The Lord, for it is,

Security from the difficulties in the station of The Gathering

Do you feel like crying? January 15, 2007

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I do…


أتدري متى تبكي على نفسك ؟

ابكِ على نفسك

عندما ترى المنكر ولا تنكره، وعندما ترى الخير فتحتقره

عندما تدمع عينك لمشهد مؤثر في فيلم، بينما لاتتأثر عند سماع القرآن الكريم

عندما تبدأ بالركض خلف دنيا زائلة، بينما لم تنافس أحد على طاعة الله

عندما تتحول صلاتك من عبادة إلى عادة، ومن ساعة راحة إلى شقاء

عندما يتحول حجابك إلى شكل إجتماعي، ومن لباس يسترك إلى أمر تجبرين عليه

إن رأيت في نفسك قبول للذنوب، وحب لمبارزة علام الغيــــوب

عندما لا تجد لذة العبادة، ولا متعة الطاعة

ابك على نفسك

عندما تمتلأ نفسك بالهموم وتغرقها بالأحزان، وأنت تملك الثلث الأخير من الليل

عندما تهدر وقتك فيما لا ينفع،، وأنت تعلم أنك محاسب فتغفل

عندما تدرك أنك أخطأت الطريق، وقد مضى الكثيـــر من العمر

بكاء المشفق



.الراجي رحمة مولاه

وأنت تعلم أن باب التوبة مفتوح ما لم تصل الروح إلى الحلقوم

Which translates as:

Do you know when you should really cry over yourself?

Cry over yourself

When you see evil and don’t forbid it, but see good and despise it,

When you shed a tear from seeing an emotional scene in a movie, but are not affected to the least when listening to the Holy Quran,

When you start running after a fleeting Dunya, but don’t compete with anyone for obeying Allah,

When your prayer changes from an act of worship to habit, from a moment of rest to one of misery,

When [in your mind] your Hijaab turns into a social norm; when it changes from protective garment to something that is forced upon you,

When you see in yourself an acceptance of sin, and a love for combating the Lord of the Unseen, but don’t find in yourself the sweet taste of worship, or the joy of obedience

[Then you should]

Cry over yourself

When your [life] is filled with problems and you drown yourself in sorrow even though the last third of the night is at your disposal

When you waste your time in that which does you no benefit knowing all to well that you will be taken into account, but you [still] do not take heed

When you realize you have lost your way, and so much of your life has already past

[Then cry]

Tears of pity,

Tears of repentance,

Tears of return,

And tears of hope in Allah’s mercy

Knowing that the door of repentance is always open as long as the soul hasn’t reached the throat

Oh Misguided Fool… January 2, 2007

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Oh misguided fool,
slave of the nafs!
Why sell eternal pleasure,
for pleasure that will not last?

Oh weak minded abd,
whose soul is so lost.
You find enjoyment in this world,
but at what cost?

You live today,
not thinking of death tomorrow.
When the laughter will be replaced by cries
and the joy with sorrow.

You remember that of the past,
memories that bring a smile upon your face.
Yet forgotten is that of the future,
a day full of disgrace.

A day, when the disbelievers will cry,
the torments driving them insane.
When the world full of gold would not be enough,
as a ransom to relieve the pain

So seek guidance from your Rabb,
And take heed of the words of the Qur’aan.
Worship Allah with humility
And beware of the whispers of Shaytaan.

For he makes evil seem good,
and wishes to misguide,
the people on the haq,
who for the sake of their deen, strive.

The Hajj December 25, 2006

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By Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

By Him whose House the loving pilgrims visit,
Responding with ihram at the appointed limit,
Uncovering their heads in total humility
Before One to Whom faces bow in servility.
They exclaim in the valleys, “We have responded to You –
All Praise is Yours, and Kingdom too!”
He invited and they answered, with love and pleasure;
When they called upon Him, nearer came the Divine treasure.
You see them on their mounts, hair dusty and dishevelled,
Yet never more content, never happier have they felt;
Leaving homelands and families due to holy yearning,
Unmoved are they by temptations of returning.
Through plains and valleys, from near and far,
Walking and riding, in submission to Allah.

At the Ka’bah
When they see His House – that magnificent sight
For which the hearts of all creatures are set alight –
It seems they’ve never felt tired before,
For their discomfort and hardship is no more.
Now the eye of the Lover drowns in its streams,
It sees through its tears the goal of its dreams;
Now for Allah, how many tears are issued,
Each one being followed by a multitude?
When the eye perceives the House, its darkness clears,
And from the sorrowful heart, pain disappears;
Vision cannot encompass this beautiful sight:
Each glance returns with greater delight!
No wonder at this, for when the Merciful preferred
The House for Himself, it became most honoured.
He clothed it in Majesty, a magnificent garment;
Embroidered it with Beauty, a wonderful ornament!
The hearts all love the House therefore,
Awed and humbled, in respect and honour.

Now to ‘Arafat, hoping for Mercy and Forgiveness
From the One overflowing with Generosity and Kindness;
Now for Allah is that Magnificent Standing
Like, though lesser than, the Day of Reckoning.
The Irresistible draws near, His Majesty manifest,
Boasting to His angels, for He is the Mightiest,
“My slaves have come to Me so lovingly,
I’ll be Generous and Merciful, willingly.
I have forgiven their sins, – to this you are witness –
Fulfilled their hopes, and showered them with goodness.”
So joyous news! O people of that standing,
When sins are forgiven and Mercy is spreading;
How many slaves are set completely free?
Whilst others seek a cure, and heal will He.
Now Satan is never known to lose such face:
He’s blameworthy, rejected, in utter disgrace.
For he sees a matter that enrage him must:
He flees, slaps his face and covers it in dust!
Such Forgiveness he never did see
As granted by the Lord, and such Mercy!
He built his edifice from every temptation available
Till he thought it was complete, unassailable;
Then Allah struck his building at its very foundation,
So it fell upon him, tumbling in devastation;
What worth has his structure, this evil ploy,
That he does build, and the Lord does destroy?

Muzdalifah & Mina
Now to Muzdalifah, to spend the night
In the Sacred Area, then Prayer at first light;
Now on to the Great Pillar, which they need
To stone at the time of the Prayer of ‘Id;
Now to their tents for the sacrifice prepared,
Reviving the tradition of a Father revered.
If sacrificing themselves were Allah’s demand,
They would respond, submitting to the command;
Just as they’d expose their necks in Jihad
To Allah’s enemies, till these stream with blood;
They discipline themselves, presenting the head for a shave:
Bringing humility and happiness to the obedient slave.

The Tawaf of Ifadah/Ziyarah
So when they’ve removed those natural growths,
Completed their rites, and fulfilled their oaths,
He invites them again to visit His House:
What honour and welcome this visit allows!
By Allah, they visit it in so much splendour,
Receiving their rewards and plenty of honour;
There Allah bestows Grace, Favour and Kindness,
Showing Generosity, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Then they return to Mina, each to his tent,
Every minute wish is granted, and they are content;
They stay there a day, then another, then a third,
They’re allowed to depart early, but to stay is preferred;
They stone the pillars daily after the sun’s decline,
With a slogan of Takbir in the presence of the Divine!
If only you could see their standing there:
Palms outstretched, hoping for Mercy’s share!
“O Lord! O Lord! Knowing as You do
That we hope for no-one, only You!
Then grant our wish, O You All-Knowing,
We pray for Your Mercy overflowing.”

The Farewell Tawaf
When they’ve achieved at Mina all their gains,
Once more they fill the valleys and plains:
To the Ka’bah, the Sacred House, by the end of the day,
To circle it seven times, and then to Pray.
When departure nears and they are certain
That the bond of proximity is about to loosen,
There’s only a last stand for a final farewell:
Now for Allah are the eyes that swell,
And for Allah are the heavy hearts that turn
Into cauldrons of desire where fire does burn;
And the passionate sighs whose heat so vigorous
Nearly melts the Lover, ecstatic, rapturous!
Now you see those bewildered, perplexed in the throng,
Whilst others chant their sorrowful song:
“I depart, but there remains for You my yearning,
My fire of grief is raging and burning;
I bid farewell, but longing pulls my reins –
My heart is encamped in Your eternal plains!”
No blame today for saying what you feel:
No blame for expressing what you used to conceal!

Love of Allah December 11, 2006

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By Imam Ibn ul Qayyim al Jawziyyah
Excerpted from An-Nooniyyah
Quoted in “Al-Walaa wal-Baraa” of Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani

The love of the Beloved
must be unconditionally returned.

If you claim love
yet oppose the Beloved,
then your love is but a pretence.
You love the enemies of your Beloved
and still seek love in return.
You fight the beloved of your Beloved.

Is this Love or the following of shaytaan?

True devotion is nothing
but total submission
of body and soul
to One Love.
We have seen humans claim to submit,
yet their loyalties are many.
They put their trust here, and their hope there,
and their love is without consequence.

Cry Until Your Heart Bleeds August 21, 2006

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My brothers we remember you…How shall we compare?
The defenders of the Muslims, upholding the banner of Islam.
In the mountains and the hills…
the enemy surrounds you but you stand firm,
trusting in Allah, keeper of the strong


And the wind is blowing from your left…
Oh how shaytaan has engulfed the West,
and they come for you, filled with unrest …rage upon rage towards those
who strive the best…
May Allah keep you in peace,
and the tranquillity of His promise fill your hearts
and in your graves may you find rest.


My brothers from every race…O how we have failed you…
failed to come to your aid and to join you in this crusade,
of the establishment of the way of Allah and His Messenger (sal allahu alaihi
wa salam)
The Light of each face and the brightness of each day.


In valleys and deep caves you hide, but are not afraid
For it is the supreme scent of Jannah that you crave…
Knowing that Allah’s help is near,
And His reward is true for a heart that strives on the battlefield, without
faltering, without fear.


And our tears are happy tears…from our memory you are not erased
For you are not dead but alive…with Noor upon your face
For Islam you have bled,
Allah’s path is your heart’s content,
so with peace and contentment, lie down upon your bed.


O’Mujahideen warrior, defender of what is right!
surrounded by Allah’s mercy and grace, the most precious of light
O’my brothers who have left those whom they dearly loved
Forgotten this world, this dunya, for a treasure beyond words
Striving to uphold the perfected religion…Islam…so beautiful,
most beautiful of all.


And my brothers who have lagged behind…
Arise and fight!!! Establish the way that is true!!!
The path was only established by the blood of those who came before you.


O’Ummah of Rasullulah (sal alahu alaihi wa salam),
Come to the path of success!!!
Forget the life of this world, this dunya and seek after that which is best,
The path of Allah and His Messenger (sal alahu alaihi wa salam)…
wherein each heart finds rest.


By whom have you been deceived,
into thinking that the path of Allah is too fundamental, too extreme?
In this world there is bliss?
Nay, Wake up Oh deceived one,
for the life of this world is only paradise for the kuffaar and mushrikeen.


O’Mujahideen warrior! The enemy is plotting…
and Allah is plotting too,
and what they conspire against you will never succeed…
For Allah the Most High, Most Great is All-Hearing and All-Knowing of the


Animosity pours forth from their eyes, a hatred from the soul…
Purify yourselves O’believers! Fight for the sake of this deen!
Make Al-Firdaus your goal!
Allah the Most High, Most Great is the protector of the believers,
for Allah encompasses everything.


O’ Muslimeen and muslimah, cry until your heart bleeds…
Abandon the filth of this world and its pain, its greed
If death were to come to you,
would you cling to the life of this world or your Lord?
Who is it that you need?


Abandon the filth of this world and its pain…
the lust that leads to child molestation and rape,
the greed that leads to murder
and the envy that leads to hate


Who is that evil whisperer that you hear?
causing you to forget the reason why you are here…
Remember Allah, if you fear
Remember Rasullulah (sal allahu alaihi wa sallam) and our own shortcomings
with every tear.


Cry until your heart bleeds
and remember the Sahabah and Rasullulah (sal allahu alaihi wa sallam)
Not only fought to establish Islam, but they fought for you and me,
With their wealth, lives and property
Nay they are not dead but alive…with Noor upon their face.


O’ Allah, Most High, Most Great, please forgive us our sins and selfish,
vain pursuits.
O’ Allah Most Merciful, Most Kind…guide us along the path of those whom
you favoured, not of those who earned your anger or went astray.
O’ Allah, Most High, Most Great…please forgive us for our mistakes.


By Shairoz Aleem

Welcome to Kashmir July 5, 2006

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Asalaamu Alaikum
Insha’Allah you are in the best of health and Imaan

Could it be, that you can feel tranquillity,

staring at the starry sky

Whilst just across the land,

you can almost hear the oppressed ones cry